i can’t stand looking at you

i can’t stand looking at you, you are beautiful

completely and simply perfect. god

you are gloriously male. my god

the deity i pray to, worship

it’s like some ancient norse god heard my prayers of you

and formed your flesh from the bedrock of the world i stand on

or maybe the spirit of my country built you from the granite rock that formed her

breathed life into your body from the swirling western winds holding both heat and ice, giving you shape and function.

you are the grace of an animal, heated skin and feral spirit

your shoulders broad, muscles delineated and lead forever to more of the same

you have a warriors body

long and lean, rippling and tight

i can’t stand to look at you

you with your eyes the color of newly turned, rich and fecund earth

i feel the world spin

my world spins when you refuse to let me look away

when you make me face you

face your glorious face

your beautiful face. your treasured face, with angular bones and tiny ears. full lips and a wide mouth. perfectly masculine.

a mouth that kisses me until i am as formless as the strata that swirled upon the waves of stardust which coalesced into the stars that shine behind my eyes when i look at you

i can’t stand looking at you

my world begins and ends on the shifting bedrock of your body and nothing matters but giving myself to you as part of the natural order of our world

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5 Responses to i can’t stand looking at you

  1. willcrimson says:

    I love reading your thoughts. I could have written the same thing (maybe I have, I’ve lost track) reciprocally. The only difference: I can’t stand not looking at you. I drink in your differences—your hips, your breasts, your lips, your eyes, hands—everything about you is indefinably feminine. I can’t not look at you. And the last thing I want is you looking at me, looking—don’t turn—because you make me want to fuck you until I break or break you.

  2. Liras says:

    Oh. yes. What a good piece-it is tactile and dreamy, at the same time.

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