after sex

There is no time for false modesty

When searching hands seek naked skin

And searing kisses blaze wet trails

Slick and hot you find me swollen

The sight of your perfect erection

Immediately arousing the want of flesh

To impale myself on the jutting shaft

Coherent thought leaves my mind

And all that exists is perfect passion

Pushing limits and bending bodies

Your male need to control your lust

By inflaming mine to a fevered rush

Makes me submit to your strength

And eager to be under your body

Battered womb and bruised cervix

Stretched ligaments and tender muscles

Well serviced over a perfect morning

Leaving me sore, satiated and sleepy

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7 Responses to after sex

  1. darkgemdom says:

    Well now..

  2. Sounds like the Sunday morning I had, last week…4 hours of relentless sex. Bliss. Satiated for a week afterwards. LB xx

  3. Loved this. Exactly how I felt last night after my husband and I 😉

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