breast is best

Liquid fire and silken burn

He touches bare skin to scald me

His need mirrors mine perfectly

Exactly, as if words were spoken

His focus the heavy weight of breast

Under his capeable work rough hands

And drawn into masculine mouth

He milks me, suckles me

Draws me back to his greedy needs

Pressing and kneading

Roughly gentle, gently rough

His lips pull my nipples sweetly

His finders pinch them harshly

I arch into him with electric current

Gasp then moan with the pleasure pain

Perfectly meted as almost too much


His beard is softly abrasive

Dragging over sensitive skin

Marked with the pink of heavy hands

He demands constant access

Refusing denial when I pull away

Our normal transition of positions denied

He refuses to take his eyes from me

Watching my face and eyes for reaction

Studying how his actions impact me

Minutely adjusting them

Pulling, massaging, cupping and grabbing

Kissing me harshly back into awareness

Hurting me with pleasure

So I gasp when I forget to breathe

His words send flames up my spine

To burst through barriers of mind

Flooding my body with perfect arousal

His deep voice speaks to my womb

Wishing my breasts were full of milk

Tight and taunt with engorgement

He would willingly relieve for me

Wishing he could bind them in cords

Until I was as sensitive to his touch

As I would have been while nursing

I can’t take it, I can’t stand it

And it’s everything he knew I needed

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One Response to breast is best

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I have a beard… And greedy needs… and I LOVE breasts! Damn, that was hot!

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