i take my dogs with me when i have a quick errand to run which does not involve me leaving the car. they bound, prance and wiggle in absolute joy to be included in the most amazing thing that has EVER happened in their entire life; such as going to the mailbox. i could leave the house 30 times in a day…to go to the garage, walk to the curb,  to go the neighbors, to walk to the park…and every single time, they look at me with hopeful wide eyes and a doggie half pant in animated anticipation. then when invited to join me, they can not even believe how  fortunate they were to be included on the best adventure of their lives. dogs are happy. dogs want to be happy. dogs want to be with you. being with you, makes dogs happy. it’s worth the fur, the muddy floors, the winter walks, the heartbreak when they pass away. dogs are our reminders to live in the moment and to be happy; every day.

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11 Responses to dogs=happiness

  1. DoesItEvenMatterWhoIAm? says:

    I ADORE my dogs! And almost every dog I meet as well. Cute post!

  2. Elaine Olund says:

    I’ve always thought dogs are like happy toddlers or preschoolers. So in the moment. Every surprise is the BEST surprise. I don’t have a dog, and never have (more of a cat person by temperament–and cats are more like sulky teens, they need you but they are more wild at heart and show affection on their terms only…) but I am friends with many wonderful dogs. There are households I visit into where the dogs associate me with walks, (I walk with many friends, daily) and they go nuts with excitement upon seeing me. That feels pretty special. Especially on a down day. I love your description of the simple joy you feel by being with your dogs!

  3. rosewyn says:

    They are the best and most loyal of friends. Always there to cheer you up and love you. I agree with you completely!

  4. To dogs you are family, to the cat you are staff. 🙂

  5. Village Idiot says:

    Dear rougedmount:

    I’ve been away and lacked computer access. Now I’m back. And I find this …

    I have a Staffordshire that is the love of my life. This boy’s mask is gorgeous, and he is so incredibly handsome that he catches the eye of everyone he meets. I kid thee not — I have had conversations with people [and many women] beyond recall. And this boy is the reason.

    When we walk, he comports himself with such dignity! If I go down on a knee, he goes into play mode. I’m very physical with him — raking my fingers from his tail to his neck. He loves this and makes noises so much like a man getting a back-scratch that it is simply hilarious!

    Seeing me play with him so actively, one woman began relating to me differently in that instant. I’m still thinking about that one. He loves VERY aggressively! You’re correct in everything you said, and we have them too short a time. I can’t imagine life without my Staffy.

    I go months on end without ‘speaking’ to him. Almost always, I use a low whisper. He knows he MUST listen to get his cues. Very literally, he lives at my side. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Being a pit bull, his approach unsettles some folk. I get a charge when people — often a woman — have a little terrier. It starts yapping, the owner fears a confrontation and gets all tense, I make a near silent ‘kiss,’ my boy walks by, barely noticing. Then THEY get to apologize for their animal’s behavioral malfeasance.

    Village Idiot

    • rougedmount says:

      welcome back to the internet…i hope your time away was relaxing, productive and enjoyable! dog people…i love them…there is a difference between a dog owner and dog people…and dog people understand what i mean. i RUV my dogs..they bring me balance, joy, comfort…i could not survive without a dog

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