joyful relief

… the reeling feelings you experience as first relief surges through your body much like the shot of drugs you get before anesthesia making limbs feel heavy yet light; then breathing depress to induce a deep and heartfelt sigh so that you experience a profound sense of gratitude before the tickling joy surges the same course making you tingle with the excitement of the news you’ve just received.

I had no idea how worried I was about something I thought I had no control over, until I received the news that it was no longer going to be a factor in my life anymore. I am elated, grateful and profoundly relieved as the stress I have been carrying for years has suddenly been lifted off me, instead of my pressing out from underneath it. It will be life changing, a relationship changer, a mood enhancer, a place to finally build from. I am standing in the light on the outside of the tunnel.

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3 Responses to joyful relief

  1. Dak says:


  2. Chris says:

    Not only does the sunshine feel good on the face, but you can see a good distance in all directions from here.

  3. Moonstruck says:

    Bask in the relief

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