new views

my life changed today…shifted subtly into a new direction. an event that i had set as a long term marker has come to pass and with it, i see that the view is very different than i thought it would be, now that it’s here. things have changed for me. changed enough that i must recognize it.

it truly is a full circle moment in my life. people i know have divorced, families have separated. life has moved on for some and not others. i realize how fortunate i have been to have chosen the people in my life so very carefully, that i’ve even managed to make long term friends, of one time lovers.

as far as my family life goes, things have been in a stable place long enough that i’ve begun to enjoy it. sometimes it seems unreal and part of me wants to worry. yet the newer version of who i am, realizes that it would be a shame to waste the joy of the moment i am in, worrying about things which may or may not happen. it’s given me freedom and lifted my spirit.

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4 Responses to new views

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    So what changed. dearest Rouged?

  2. Ned's Blog says:

    In my experience, it’s life’s subtle shifts that are the most important and lasting. I’m glad to hear the subtlety in your post — and your new perspective. You’ve earned it.

  3. Marty says:

    Contentment at this point in your life is not to be sneezed at

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