sizing a man up

“are you well endowed”,  come on people … it only means one thing! If you have to think about it, wonder if you are or aren’t, haven’t decided if you are by the time you become an adult … then chances are, you are NOT well endowed. This is a yes or no question.

When a man IS well hung and is asked about it, with a slight chagrin, he casually cocks his head to the side, almost in apologetic fashion, and with raised eyebrows and a slight smile, states he is. Proudly, yet self effacing, proclaiming his size as a simple measure of fact no different than if he was admitting his height or shoe size. He normally doesn’t lead with his cock size and sharing the information as a random “fact de jour”, but he certainly does not shy away from answering the question.

A man of average penis size, hmmm’s and hah’s when asked…avoiding the question or say’s he is ‘average’. He’ll state he’s never had any complaints. He claims its not the size but how you use it. He says random things that are avoidance techniques and rarely does he simply state a measurement or jokingly tease about why you are asking. It’s almost as if he is apologizing for not being well endowed, in advance of knowing if it would actually be a disappointment to discover it by intimate involvement.

A man who is on the small side? After initially trying to avoid anything to do with answering the question, may either become defensive about it or worse, he begins with the claims of dominion over oral and manual skills as proof of his sexual prowess instead of answering a direct question with a direct answer. A man who becomes confrontational about the question is an insecure man who has no acceptance of himself.

Just like men may have a preference for breast size, so do some women have a preference for penis size. It’s not a disparagement to others but a reflection on personal sexual preference, no different than preferring tall people over short or blonds over brunettes, black people over white. Some people just have preferences they know work for them sexually.

As a man, if you are asked if you are well endowed, your very next words should be to question why it’s important to the person asking. Allow them to tell you their preference. They asked the question so discover if it’s a sexual preference or simple curiosity. Lying about your penis size is pointless as the true size is easily discover-able. Lying about your preference for penis size will result in an unsatisfactory sexual experience and a woman may make the mistake once, but will often fail to initiate a 2nd experience with a man who has a genital mis-match with what she needs to obtain satisfaction.

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23 Responses to sizing a man up

  1. acquiescent72 says:

    I won’t lie…I’m not well endowed, but I like it when a man is well endowed.

  2. Are you trolling for cock pic’s? LOL I’m above average for what it’s worth. 🙂

  3. says:

    Well I have never been asked, but it seems a fair question since a woman’s physical assets are generally quite apparent. I would not complain since I can be equally direct. If an older woman comes on to me and is obviously menopausal, I always ask if she is taking HRT for much the same reasons you outlined. That said, intelligence, wit and bedroom eyes might well be enough to give her a run out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I no longer care whether a woman has an orgasm, and certainly don’t bother giving oral sex. I lose interest if she takes forever to get warmed up. Ironically this egocentric approach has worked much better for me, particularly with women who bang on about their feminist principles.

    • rougedmount says:

      …careless, thoughtless, self absorbed and narcissistic…i simply can’t imagine the level of self loathing involved to allow sexual access from someone with these character flaws. Truthfully, when broken people find each other, I can not find fault with either of them. Ultimately it is up to an individual to decide to stop hurting others or allowing themselves to be hurt from the mis-treatment from others. Either way, it is a personal decision which can only be achieved through self reflection and awareness. I agree, it is much easier to continue intentionally hurting others by being judgmental and remaining callous and ignorant. Not everyone is capable of personal growth.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. But then I am not interested in a long term relationship or personal growth. I think you underestimate the satisfaction for the male animal of “taking” the female. Or perhaps your post reflects a touch of penis envy. Rofl.

    • rougedmount says:

      …definitely no penis envy … i can have or get as many as i want or need, as many heterosexual woman and gay men know. There is always another cock who is willing to replace the one you had. I think it’s slightly sad that hetero men only have the one to play with. It’s always easier to fool a new partner when a man has such poor performance, than to expect a repeat performance from a past partner who experienced such a disappointing and unsatisfactory experience the first time. Call backs only happen for skilled lovers.

  6. Chris says:

    Achieving the maximum possible harmony in union, either for the pleasure of the sexual union, or to add satisfying sex to a union that is otherwise very pleasing, or some combination of the two is a worthy pursuit. Soley with respect to pleasure and harmony in sexual union, the Kama Sutra identifies as the two most important characteristics to match in a couple to be sex drive and genital size. A couple, even mismatched badly, can make the best of whatever situation they’re in, but with seven billion people on Earth, I personally don’t see a reason to settle for unsatisfying sex.

    As to the question of whether I’m well endowed, the fact is that I’m the exact opposite. At this point in life, not only can I freely admit it, but it’s a relief to have it known. Maybe a prospective partner and I can work around it, and maybe we can’t, but hiding it and guarding it like a shameful little secret was an unworthy preoccupation of my youth and young adulthood. There’s no dancing around and rationalizing an erect penis the size of a thumb – definitely not well endowed.

    • rougedmount says:

      acceptance is key to discovering a new path

      • Chris says:

        Honesty and trust are the lifeblood of any good relationship. Being honest about what two people need and what each brings to the table go a long way. Some longterm friendships have begun with a clear realization that a physical compatibility for strongly pleasurable sex did not exist with me.

  7. Alana Moore says:

    I’m a bisexual woman who’s turned down more dicks than
    the average woman (or whomever) will ever live to exper-
    ience — and I LOVE to get fucked…

    And I don’t think size matters. There are other factors
    that count a whole lot more: like personality, for starters.
    I’m not giving up any pussy to a fuckhead, I don’t care if
    he’s hung like a Shetland pony.

    Do you have any inkling how many women are climbing
    all over each other now, and could care less whether or
    not men even existed?

    Have you ever stopped to think how big their “dicks”
    are? Our clits are our dicks, and the average one is
    about the size of the pimento in an olive. And that’s
    pretty fucking tiny…

    Just sayin’…

    Alana Moore

    • rougedmount says:

      small penis or large clitoris…large penis average clit…the sexual energy coming from the person..the sensual confidence in knowing how to please and accept pleasure…is the most erotic thing a partner needs to have in their sexual toy box. having the good fortune to be a bisexual woman means you would truly understand this in a way a heterosexual man might not. as a heterosexual woman with a sex drive that prefers penetrative orgasm over clitoral…it means for me, size of a penis will matter more simply because of how i enjoy using it for my own pleasure. and i agree….idiots don’t get access…even if they are well endowed.

  8. vanja says:

    Penis is involved in sex, breasts not (except for some interesting techniques).
    A man with a small penis is automatically considered weird, unable to satisfy a woman, instead a small-chested woman is simply a small chested woman. I think men should be more relaxed and honest when they speak about their packages, but I think It’s more difficult to say “my penis is very tiny” instead of “my boobs are very tiny”.
    It’s my simple opinion. 🙂

    • rougedmount says:

      the issue is many men have a preference for breast size..well..women have a preference for penis size as well…only one is obvious before intimacy while the other is not…

  9. vanja says:

    So let’s use less clothes, it’s also cheaper 😉

    • Chris says:

      Nudity does seem a simple and partial solution to matching preference and penis size, and it’s one reason that I’ve particularly enjoyed participating nude in clothing-optional activities. It’s obvious to everyone at a gathering or participating in the activity that my penis is of unusual size. It isn’t a disclosure that has to be made or a potentially unpleasant discovery later. That I have a very small penis is just a fact, certainly a turn-off for many as a sexual tool, but for some others not a decisively bad thing.

  10. Gt says:

    I love your posts on size.

  11. RobertoLB says:

    I war asked only once and I didn’t lie, I said it’s small. It is weird but that allowed me to have sex with girl. She had just broken up with her boyfriend who was apparently very well endowed, she had told me she didn’t like sex with him, it was painful for her. On the other hand I don’t think she enjoyed much with me, I could see she was used to a much larger tool and when she was on top I slipped out all the time.

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