wanting it

i’m disappointed with every single man i encounter for the simple fact, that he isn’t you. you make me wet to the point of saturation, simply from being in my presence. wet enough to smell. and i get so distracted from being near you that i find normal functioning skills like attention to detail, listening, walking…all become monumentally effortful as i struggle to think of anything besides your beautifully arching cock.

i want your snarling mouth to bite my lips as you gently tease my clit with your fingers making me melt all over your hands. the combination of forced gentleness is an aphrodisiac to my senses. i push and you remain firm, i pull you and you’re inflexible. you take without demanding and you carefully measure my struggle until i give in, give up and simply let you do as you want with me. unless i pull away and then you let me go. you know i can’t not touch you.

touching you is everything. your muscles are ripely firm. taunt. your body is fuel to my fire. your smooth head and facial stubble make me want to caress and rub you imagining your head between my thighs. you know it. i can see it in the smile. climbing onto you. Impaling myself, taking you deep inside of me so you can make me cum for you. so i can cream all over your shaft and balls as you ride my orgasm before you give me your own. you want me as much as i want you. it vibrates in the air between us. current. sexual attraction. lust.

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3 Responses to wanting it

  1. billgncs says:

    to be wanted – the ultimate aphrodisiac

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