long hallways

you look at me with a gleam of feral awareness which takes me by surprise considering the public area we are in, despite the subtle flirtations we have been enjoying, it seems completely out of context for the situation. i know a fleeting, quizzical look passes over my face, but i let the moment pass as we continue down the corridor. with sudden ferocity, your hands are on me, one pulling my head to yours, the other pressing against my ass hitching my skirt upwards and me forward. your hard body is completely against me, fully pinning me to the wall, behind a cement pillar.

i can feel the solid length of your erection pressing its shape against the softness of my belly, as your lips crush mine and your fist clenches in my hair. my heart pounds and lust screams its instant arousal through my body. Panting, I arch into you, suddenly, fiercely, desperate for your touch. i can feel you throb and my knees slightly buckle, forcing you to support me. quietly growling against my mouth, you say “You’re wet, aren’t you? I can smell you as if my head were already between your legs and it’s all i can think about. Tasting that sweet little pussy of yours.”

my eyes lowered and i pressed my forehead into his chest, grinning as he adjusted his stance, moving slightly away from me, yet shielding me from the curious eyes of the group of people who had caught up to us as they passed us by. i could feel him chuckle before i heard it; with a deep breath, he kissed the top of my head, before pulling away from me, taking my hand as he turned back to the direction we had been heading. “This isn’t even close to being over.”

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