idyllic spring picnic

a trip to the market with my canvas bag…purchases include fresh baguette, local herbed goat cheese, fresh polish sausages and italian sweet meats which will be paired with the raspberry wine i made last year. my wool hudson bay blanket and fishing pole are in the car… my dogs and i are off to the woods and lazy river to catch some beautiful rainbow trout, to complete my dinner as it’s cooked over a small campfire, on the waters edge.

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11 Responses to idyllic spring picnic

  1. rosewyn says:

    Sounds heavenly and also, healing. Have a wonderful time, dear lady. 🙂

  2. DoesItEvenMatterWhoIAm? says:


  3. I wonder what thoughts and stories you’ll tell yourself in that setting.

  4. babyd21713 says:

    Trout fishing….my favorite and I am impressed. When I go I like to paint my nails purple or blue so when I hold one in my hand it compliments their beauty. Strange I know but true lolololol

    • rougedmount says:

      lol..that’s hilarious! I painted mine an iridescent green and I’ve never once had anyone else say they paint their nails for fishing but you and I! I find when you wiggle toes and hands in the ALWAYS attracts curious fish who want to see if your nails are edible

      • babyd21713 says:

        You do?? Nice…That is sooo funny…yeah Ive never known anyone either. I had a sense you would understand if you liked to fish. I also like large mouth bass as they like to jump and fight you all the way in. I’ve often said that it is better than sex….LOL!!

      • rougedmount says:

        i used to fish while swimming IN the water with my kids using a hand line. It happened accidentally the first time…seeing the fish come to investigate my toes as the nail polish twinkled at them… i felt like quite the fisher of fish when men would stand on shore in full gear and i would wade in and start bringing in fish as they grew more and more I often thought with a crazy smile that if men knew they could attract fish by painting their nails..I wonder how many actually would

  5. Ned's Blog says:

    You had me at sweet meats…

  6. babyd21713 says:

    I say don’t tell them. 1. I don’t find men with painted nails attractive and 2. If they haven’t figured it out by now that’s their problem. Besides I like it when they look at me with that face that says “How does she do that?” LOL!

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