comfort companions

I awoke encased in sweaty sheets tightly bound to my side with the press of super heated little bodies pressed tightly against mine. With their humans gone away for the summer to work, I allowed the furry creatures who share a house with us, into my bed because I felt lonely despite piling pillows on most of the king sized bed.

One is stretched out along the small of my back, sort of upside down and twisted so she contours my bottom. Little front feet bent and dangling, hind legs splayed wide open, lips flopped back over her face and snoring loud enough that she sounds like a rotund drunk man after a heavy night of drinking.

Another is on the same side as the first but she’s curled into the bend of my knee, taking up all space from the curve of my buttocks to just above my ankle. Her soft, rumbling snores and deep even breathing put me into a trance like state of relaxation.

The third is curled between my body and upper arm, stretching from bosom to belly, one leg stretched before her in careless abandon as her head rests delicately upon her bent paw. I shift my hand slightly to using my nails to scratch carelessly at the top of her head, between her ears. With her eyes still closed, the drone of a breathless and musical purr is added to the cacophony of sleeping sounds, lulling me into a peaceful, meditative state of morning mindfulness.

In spite of the heat and the growing discomfort of a full bladder, I don’t want to move or shift position; wanting to draw the moment out as long as I can. I am sleepy, relaxed, content and happy at the simple joy of sharing my space with the impossible cuteness of my sweet little friends who have used me as their hot water bottle and comfort pillow.

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5 Responses to comfort companions

  1. Awww. They are wonderful, aren’t they? 🙂

  2. kittykat says:

    Every freakin morning! This was perfect in its descriptiveness! You nailed it!

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