Public Display of Arousal

You love being publicly teased and we both know that is what has fueled the fires of our flirting friendship for so many years. You like watching me dance and seeing other men notice me or make comments about how I move or what I look like. You are more than aware when my girlfriends notice you, noticing me and when you allow yourself to become aroused, it is more than obvious; the amusing problems of a well endowed man.

You enjoy my standing behind you as you are seated on a stool, leaning slightly against your shoulder so I can speak into your ear, with the pounding music making conversation impossible without proximity. Barely touching you, my sensual and suggestive words scratch slowly down your spine, as if it were a long dragging nail on bare skin and leave tingling zaps of electricity surging towards your groin.

The faster you breathe, the faster I can make your heart race, the easier it is for anyone to see the impressive engorgement swell through against your pants. The more taunt you become from contained public arousal, the more I chuckle with feminine ferocity and it inspires me to up my game. To whisper sinfully naughty things that make you shift in an attempt at discreet adjustment. Anyone who glances at us sees the obvious exchange of flirtation and then the double look makes them aware of the heightened arousal which is plainly evident.

Men want to be you. They can’t help but watch and wish it was them being teased. Some women become jealous of the attention you give me and they try to interfere with our little byplay and they become very aggressively suggestive, which turns you off to them completely. But other men are watching you rebuff them, as your eyes come back to me time and again, which makes them aware of the women to target; the overtly promiscuous ones looking for casual sex. Yet, now I hold greater fascination for them, as I am clearly wanted.

Men try and divert my attention to them as well, but it’s not as easy since I am normally with a group of friends and only the most confident will approach. I will laugh and talk with them, perhaps dance with them as we inevitably end up in your line of sight, but it’s not long until you make your presence known, is it? A raised eyebrow, perhaps coming over to ask me an iniquitous question. Occasionally, a glowering frown designed to advertise your extreme displeasure with a man who becomes too forward for your taste and you are tempted to interfere.

You love how other men want me and how I play gently with them, using them and their interest in me, to arouse you. You know I could leave with any of them, but won’t. You love how I am not intimidated by other women throwing themselves at you; how I find it amusing. But mostly you love that I make you hard and tease you publicly, knowing exactly the balance you need to feel completely wanted and not in control of anything, not even your own cock. It makes you want me all the more because I can whisper little words that leave you dripping and aching with need as I always push to the precipice of your patience so that your balls dangle over the edge just far enough so I can lick them, if I chose to.

So the answer my dear man, is yes. I will make time for you soon. It’s been a while since I bent your head to my will, as I made your cock stand for me, just so I could ignore it by acknowledging it’s very visible presence. Maybe if you are lucky, I’ll extend my oral skills to other tasks that will ensure the lock of my lips is the only cock ring you’ll ever need. It’s that very hope combined with the past experiences that make you drawn to keep returning to me. My curiously well endowed, little cuckold wanna be.

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