impotence matters

Your impotence matters. Do you know how impossible it is for me to respect you as a man when we have no sex or physical intimacy between us? How impossible it is for me to understand that you would rather remain in a sexless marriage and have an unhappy wife, rather than talk to a Doctor about getting medication to enable you to at least get hard? I feel like you have avoided sex with me our entire marriage, as a means of control; the passive aggressive way you deal with me. Now that you finally have the non responsive body you always wanted, you hide your limp and unresponsive penis, though I know it’s there in its very absence.

The sad thing is that even while I am completely aware of your emotional and physical issues that prevent sex between us, every night when we go to bed, I am struck with the knowledge as if it were a fresh slap on a raw wound. My sexually frustrated body prevents my tired mind from sleeping. I feel your hand on my hip and my body wants to respond to it, arch back to accept something that will never come into me, by you. I am aware of you and still stupidly, sexually attracted to you, yet I get no satisfaction from you, ever, and it leaves me resentful that you touch me at all, in the first place. It just reminds me of everything you aren’t and what you don’t do to me.

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8 Responses to impotence matters

  1. The Woman Invisible says:

    Oh how I feel your agony in this post. I lived it. What’s so frustrating is that it’s such an easy medical solve but they with hold because it is like power for them…

  2. DoesItEvenMatterWhoIAm? says:

    Get out! Don’t torment yourself. Life is too short to waste being dissatisfied and unhappy.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    if my libido – and my sexual desire was flagging for my woman (or period), I’d take steps to fix the problem and keep working it until the doctors proved to me there wasn’t anything else then can do to get me hard. But I’d still have other methods to get her done and make no bones when I say if that didn’t work for her, then taking lovers is now mandated – and all because I love her and are still responsible for her pleasure even if I gotta get King Dong to trash her shit – it’s just my job and duty to alway see to her pleasure no matter how that’s done…

  4. God I am sorry that you live with this lack of connection. Sending you love. x
    Followed you.

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