exposed bulge

Is it bad that I secretly glance down at your crotch?

Unobtrusively trying to shield what I am doing

Yet completely unable to stop myself even with the risk

Your jeans sling low on your hips, legs splayed casually

And so prominent, so very beautifully prominent

Is the unmistakeable bulge beneath the thin veil of denim

Heavy, the entire thing looks heavy and firmly present

I desperately want to reach our and cup its delicious weight

Feel the swell of the mound beneath my palm and fingers

Imagine tracing your manhood until you engorge, thrills me

Seeing the evidence of your size while relaxed arouses me

All I can think about is the moment you become excited

And how glorious your erection must be in the flesh

Proudly arched and heavily veined with silken skin

I can imagine my breath being taken away by viewing it

Because I can imagine what it would do inside of me

And the idea of it makes my mouth water in anticipation

Making me bite my lip as I swallow and turn my glance away

Unable to bear the sight of your well endowed groin

Because I so desperately want to reach inside and touch

That delightfully large and completely exposed bulge

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23 Responses to exposed bulge

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    Speaking for myself, but when I notice my wife’s eyes are tracing my inner thighs when she thinks I’m not watching, it’s anything but bad…

  2. Wet Bliss says:

    Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    Indeed “the idea of it makes my mouth water in anticipation” too!

  3. acquiescent72 says:

    I love gazing at a bulge…and I always feel like I’m going to get punched for it too.

  4. georgeforfun says:


  5. georgeforfun says:

    Indeed I did enjoy not only your words, but the conversation afterwards, also. I look forward to reading and sharing more of your 🔥🔥 postings 🔥🔥. Admiring and appreciating another person’s body shouldn’t be frowned upon, after all is that not what drives the fashion world, especially the sunglass industry. Thankfully mine darken automatically, now I may need an accessory to hide that obvious lip licking tic I’ve acquired over the years. (^▿^) 💨 🔥🔥

  6. Martian says:

    so hot

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