sadistically bent

Power corrupted, control feigned, sadistic demand flaunted

You equate a position of authority to ability for self control

Not understanding that you spew forth self hatred instead

You stand in postured importance over another’s pain

You inflict torture of body, because you are weak of mind

You want to taunt a response with words  to prove that you have control

When you are the embodiment of what it means to have none

Thoughts and actions intended to damage the soul and psyche

Sadistically you need to hurt someone to gain your pleasure

And without their honest emotional destruction at your hands

Or their physical ruination under your feet or whips

Truthfully, you are nothing, and the reality is you fear them

The ones who you can’t touch no matter how much blood splatters

Strength of mind and character that ensures our complete control

Even when in the middle of being pummelled by your punishments

So that our eyes flash with it and you see the truth of spirit inside us

We are the few who with absolute certainty can not be broken

We are the burning flame that draws your poisonous moth

We are the ultimate pinnacle of your sexual needs being fulfilled

Because we are the only type of person who can equal your resolve

To completely castigate you with endurance to bend and not break

Emasculate you by allowing our bodies to be abused for your service

And never allowing your touch to reach inside of our minds

With every stroke and corresponding arch of pain I endure

What you see is my defiance at how pathetic I believe you are

There is nothing you can do to break me because I am willing to live

Right up until the exact point that what you are doing kills me

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