emotional manipulations

It’s rather validating when you read things it might have taken you years to piece together and figure out on your own. Part of me thinks there should be a handy reference book that’s a mandatory gift at all weddings, for you to flip through, when your marriage starts to suck and you aren’t sure why. The biggest issue with Emotional Manipulation is that it occurs insidiously at a pace that means you do not recognize it, until you are left trying to figure things out, when things just don’t feel right.

Your sense of self worth is eroded. Your values, your dignity, your sense of what’s real and or normal between two people in a relationship. There comes a point when you either take it and become beaten down by it or you recognize it and start to fight back against it. Believe me, throwing out acknowledgement of the others behaviour will NOT work to change them or your situation. All it does is act as a vent for your frustration, because simply by saying it out loud, you validate your own truth.

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One Response to emotional manipulations

  1. Chris says:

    This reminds me of the proveb of the three envelopes, one to be opened in case of extreme need following a change in circumstances from good to bad. Hopfully a person never gets to nubmer three. For you, that third envelope given to you on your wedding day maybe should have contained a piece of paper that said “prepare three more enveolopes and hand them to your husband’s next wife on their wedding day.” As to what the messages in first two envelopes given to you or prepared by you might say, the imagination offers many good thougts.

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