baby got back rub

Oiled hands massage my feet, bending my ankles then rotating them;  pulling apart my toes before he licks and sucks on them, creating euphoric sensations rushing through my body. His hands slide over my calf, up along the dip behind my knee. His thumbs pressing into my thighs as his fingers press along the outside, as they make their way higher. Sliding forward then back, incrementally higher every time; steady pressure applied in erotic motions as my muscles are kneaded and pulled by his strong hands. With my face buried in the pillow, I feel one hand leave and hear the soft sounds of him reaching for the bottle of coconut oil on the bedside table.

His hands return to the rounded globes of my bare arse. Fingers splayed wide, the melting oil smears its creamy path underneath his palms and he pulls and pressed my cheeks together and apart; paying special attention to the cleft between them; using a single digit to trace the path downwards, to touch the delicate blossom of my moon and the petal soft planes above my gash. His fingers stretch out to my hips, pressing hard to firmly drag backwards. A thousand times he repeats the motions. Minute changes in pressure and reach, as he covers every inch of my bared bottom with the sweet oil.

He used the pads of his fingers to push into the small of my back, followed by the palms so his weight is added to the delicious pressure. I moan. The force of his motions pushes my behind up into the air. I hear a short inhale then a hiss of exhalation through his teeth. I imagine the view he is looking down upon. Seeing the shine of oil all over my naked body; and along the curve of my back and swell of my ass. I know his eyes are touching the sweet, bare fullness of my swollen, oiled woman’s flesh, between the long line of firm, well formed thighs.

I feel his tongue press into my tight neither rosebud, at the same time I register that he has moved. I groan, awash with carnal desire. He is kissing and licking my rump while manipulating the firm flesh to open it up wider, so he can bury his face between the fullness of the cheeks. On their own volition my thighs part wider, giving him more access, which allowed him to slide a well lubricated finger easily into my hot and greedy snatch. His finger finds the rhythm my body responds to, as he positions his hand so that he is slapping my sopping wet pussy. I wriggle, I arch; desperate for more contact, for relief and for pressure, I push back quivering and searching for relief from the building need he is manually pushing me towards.

His gentle withdraw from my body, makes me whimper in disappointment only to sharply cry out before biting my lip, as I feel the thick head of a favourite toy slide back and forth along my sloppy slit. My derriere is thrusting backwards, wanting more than the teasing pressure. Desperate for the fullness I know can be found on the other side of the thick and familiar head. Slowly, I feel the heavy toy enter me, as he presses it past the tight resistance of my willing body. I don’t even have time to enjoy the sweet relief of its welcome invasion before his mouth is gobbling and slurping at my keister once again.

Electric flashes scream through my body and every sense is firing with sensations. The noise of his tongues lashing my hole, the slapping of his hand on my posterior, the wet suctioning noise as he pistons the dildo rapidly into my gushing twat; all fades as the rushing tide of my impending orgasm builds into a monstrous and vicious tsunami of pleasure that picks me up and tosses me breathlessly and mindlessly into the endless chasm of swirling lights and pleasure filled space, beyond times measure.

The need to breath tells me I’ve been holding my breath. The need to relax the tension from frozen muscles tells me I have been arched in suspension far too long. The pounding in my chest of a heart pushed to its maximum efficiency, tells me I have been held in orgasmic animation far longer than my body is used to. The wet trail of tears slipping from the corners of tightly shut eyes, tells me that I have just experienced the most thrilling and powerful surge of focused adrenaline and brain washing of endorphins.

Awareness comes to me in fragmented pieces, as my body comes back into itself and I am once again aware of his hands on me; the toy inside of me gently and slowly being moved with the barest of motions as my body is still spasming, keeping it tightly clenched deep within me. The pulling motion of my rhythmic contractions is designed to milk the semen of my partner inside of my throbbing womb, making it almost impossible to slide the dildo from my protesting body, until I have more fully recovered.

Finally, I feel a smile starting to spread my lips; face pressed into the sweaty sheets beneath. With a ragged sigh and breathy laugh, I realize I have just been thoroughly and entirely, fucked. And fucked well at that.  Unbidden, the first coherent thought that entered my mind, was that the easiest way to make a woman stop talking, is to simply take her breath away.

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3 Responses to baby got back rub

  1. Chris says:

    Reading along shortened and quickened my breaths.

  2. Marty says:

    How to silence a diva.

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