dead grey


The color of my world, my life, my skin, my mind, my heart

Airborne charred ashes blowing carelessly on subtle currents

Choking out the light, making it hard to breathe, burning eyes

It is impossible to fight through the grey even with head bent

The weight of the color hunching your back and breaking you


Until you are prostate, struggling to commando crawl forward

Dragging belly, scraping elbows and knees, inhaling the dry dust

Until the weight on your back is met by the cement in your lungs

And you sink into the choking darkness of trauma and memories

Your body ceasing to move, accepting what your mind refuses to


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4 Responses to dead grey

  1. Shalom says:

    i hope the natural vibrancy of spring soon lifts some of your grey 💝

  2. rgonaut says:

    I sometimes feel the way

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