Death by Depression: flight 9525

I read something tonight that pissed me off. The entire premise of it, pissed me off. I took the time to read an article written about the German co-pilot who was suffering from depression to the extent that he decided to commit suicide. He locked the Pilot out of the cockpit of the commercial plane that they were flying and then he proceeded to fly that plane full of passengers, into the side of a mountain in the French Alps.

The article has the audacity to claim that this man is not being labeled as a ‘terrorist’ because of the fact he is white and therefore the media, the white controlled media, is racist because the article claims that IF he had been Muslim, IF he had been ‘brown’, then that is what he would have been labeled. The article claims that because the co-pilots intent was to kill everyone on board, that he was a terrorist. A white terrorist. The author claims “people who commit mass murder (should beheld) to similar standards, regardless of their race or religion.”

Really? Similar standards? I believe we actually have a Not Criminally Responsible clause in the LAW of our country! What about the mental state of mind of someone when they commit a crime ?  Since when did someone suffering from a psychiatric condition EVER become comparable to a terrorist who has made a conscious decision, even if it IS a mis-informed one, to kill themselves and other people for the sake of an ideology or a cause? Kamakazi fighter pilots, Middle Eastern Suicide bombers, anyone who belongs to a Religious group who advocates the killing of others because they don’t share the same religion, THOSE people are terrorists.

(Though to be honest, I also believe people labelled as terrorists are suffering from a psychosis, or mass delusion, because who the hell decides to kill themselves and think it will advance their cause? How is that part of any religions doctrine? But that is beside the point.)

The point is that Mental Illness is real. People suffering from untreated or severe depression may kill themselves and other people, depending on the severity of what’s going on inside their head. I don’t feel these people should be stigmatized or disallowed into certain professions, because properly medicated, they can live viable and productive lives. But THINK about it people! At what point does an individuals rights to be employed at a job they ‘prefer’ come over society’s rights to safety, by entrusting their lives to someone who may not be properly medicated?

Not everybody can have any job, just because they think they should have it. If the man wanted to be a pilot, then hire him to fly cargo that can be ensured against loss and be replaced, if he has an episode while in flight or decides to stop medicating himself. Just like a pedophile should not be hired to care for children, or an alcoholic should not work in a bar, people who have severe mental illness should not be placed into positions of responsibility over large numbers of people who require them to be completely stable 100% of the time.

The public has no business knowing the mental state of anyone who chooses to not reveal it. However, it is my belief that it absolutely critical, that the mental state of an individual be disclosed to an employer, so that they can decide if the job requirements can be met by that person who may experience either end of their disability while employed. You will never see a National Hockey League referee who is a paraplegic, as they can’t perform the job, even if the wheelchair bound person, claims discrimination. It’s not wrong. It’s just the way it is.

A person who is so mentally ill, that a psychiatrist deems them ‘unfit to work’, should not be able to make the decision to NOT reveal that information to their employer. They are NOT in the right state of mind to do so or to make rational decisions, which is why the Doctor made the decision to restrict their employment in the first place. So why was it not mandated that the Doctor report directly to the employer? Why was the patients right to privacy, more important than the safety of the people they were in charge of protecting while in flight?

A mentally ill person who kills themselves or others, is NOT a terrorist, they are simply episodic. For the author to claim that the only reason this pilot, who killed so many people as he flew that plane into a mountain, was not called a terrorist, was because he was white, is not simply inaccurate it is a clear attempt to rouse people into a state of agitation because of the claim of white privilege. Of course, Muslims are not the only ones capable of terrorism.  I certainly don’t have to provide the statistics about the percentage of any religious group that has an affiliation towards violence and killing others as fundamental tenets of their faith. It’s not exactly hard to do the math.

Just don’t call a person who suffers from a mental illness a terrorist, as that’s as far from the truth of what a terrorist is, as possible. It’s a twisted way of trying to bend reality to suite your doctrine, which encourages people to judge others based on skin color, faith as well as their mental state of mind. It was an offensive article by an uneducated man who was pushing his own, misinformed agenda. The REAL reason no one is mentioning the fact that the co-pilot of flight 9525 was a terrorist, is not because it’s a white conspiracy to suppress Muslims, it’s simply because he WASN’T. He was suffering with an untreated mental illness.

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5 Responses to Death by Depression: flight 9525

  1. grhambley says:

    Terrific piece. Being a Canuck I of course love the comparison to an NHL Ref which is also correct!

    You can’t be anything you want and that is a fact. I know it myself because despite having the desire and the mental acuity I just didn’t have the physical tools to progress to the highest level. I’m not bitter now and wasn’t then. That is called acceptance and is something most of us need more of.

    One issue I have is with the term suicide bomber. They are “Homicide Bombers” and the sooner these zealots are rebranded by the media and the public the better.

    • rougedmount says:

      i am not sure when acknowledging limits and abilities became such a minefield for comparison to the lack of human rights and privileges.

      • grhambley says:

        I don’t know either. Closest I can get to it is the “no child left behind” programs. Failure is as important in our lives as success. We learn from both and move the ship on with better understanding of what it takes to be and/or accomplish.

  2. Chris says:

    Putting aside mental illness for a moment, the entire premise of the article you refer to is wrong. Every one of the fifteen 9/11 terrorists in the air, and Osama Bin Laden himself, were “white,” under the most common and prevailing concept of race. White merely means people with origins in Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa. The 9/11 hijackers were all from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Algeria, and had their ancestral origins there. Yes, definitely white. It has nothing to do with skin color, and is, of couse, an arbitrary concept anyway. However, the idea that someone who may be considered white, or who cosider himself or heself so, is exempt from being considered a terrorist after committing or attempting a terrorist act is just plain ridiculous.

  3. rgonaut says:

    far from the definition of a terrorist

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