rant: lack of power tantrum

so i had a tantrum. my patience ran out. all i wanted was to heat up a cold sub. in the kitchen. and it turned into my having a mini meltdown. a major mini meltdown, but a meltdown none the less. the reason is simple. in 2 months time, i will have been camping inside the house for 3 years. there are various home repair jobs that have not been done, half done, or not quite finished and the result is basically living in a house that has some major issues.

now, i have been patiently, then not so patiently, waiting for the things that i can not do, to get done.i can;t do plumbing or electrical! and they aren’t getting done. and because of the nature with little jobs, if you don’t fix one little thing in a timely manner, it leads to bigger things and bigger issues, which require more time and more expense to fix. it’s like standing at the bottom of a mountain, in the path of a small snowball, which grows to mammoth proportions the longer you allow it to roll unobstructed downhill.

i walked into the house and at the front door, i slipped on water, from the massive leak coming from the main bathroom, dripping from a huge hole in the ceiling in the front hallway, as a teen son had come home from a hike and had taken a shower. i went into side hall to take off my shoes, proceeding to roll my ankle on one of the 40 pairs of shoes spilling into the hall, as the closet doors were taken off and never put back on; then pins were lost and the doors damaged and then thrown into recycling.

ohhh now i am in a short snappy mood! i went into the kitchen to turn on the light, jamming my fingernail on the dangling light switch, forgetting that he had taken both the light off the ceiling and the switch off the wall last week, as he searched for live wires. then i went to put sub into microwave, which wasn’t working as the kitchen electricity has been short circuiting for 6 WEEKS! (which was why the light switch had been taken off) and it was presently not working.

…FINE…i am now pissy and went to put the stupid sub into the damn toaster oven, then remembered the thing broke last week (i assume due to a power surge because of the freakin’ electrical short, since i just bought the thing in september). and this is when i lost my temper. ripped toaster oven cord from wall, stomped through house to throw the damn thing out the front door while yelling for spouse to get a freakin’ extension cord so I could plug the built in microwave into an outlet in the dining room, so i could EAT MY STUPID SUB warmed up …OMG!!!!

instead of eating a sub, i felt like slamming back a mickey of vodka just to calm down. best of all, ‘he’ is now out in the kitchen ‘tracking down’ the problem (sweet mother of a sweet and gentle God) with whatever that little zapper thingie is that you hold up to wires to see if there is current and he made the     ~ brilliant ~     decision to go get a drywall saw and remove a random zig zag pattern (no i am NOT kidding)  into the kitchen ceiling drywall, as he follows the path of electrical wires to the dining room and to the light switch and then over to an upstairs bedroom.

this is why some adult men should NOT be allowed to buy tools or to own a house. let’s take it a step further…THIS is a prime example of WHY polygamous marriages SHOULD be allowed because it is CLEARLY obvious that BOTH of us need a husband who is competent as a basic handyman (for him) AND as a freakin’ lover (for me). seriously, you should see the mess! i am living in a celibate bedlam with an impotent imbecile and at this point, i think i am going to go deer hunting and build a yurt in the forest and smoke the venison and live off the land.

like amazon women of ancient times, i will simply take men from the hiking paths to service my needs on warm summer nights before throwing them back out into the river when i am done draining them. i  was accused of being impatient…3 YEARS ..2 YEARS…6 MONTHS…i wonder how much he is going to ruin and pull apart THIS time before he gets tired of making a mess, to just walk away from it all. i’ve already warned him if he EVER mentions to one more person about ‘all the work’ he is doing on the house, i will post the pictures of his mess on facebook to man shame him.

my tolerance is at -32 today and spikes another -30 points every time i hear that damn drywall saw going through another fucking wall. now he is upstairs. i need an electrician and in another 10 minutes he’s going to need an ambulance. fuck it. i’m getting the nail gun.

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16 Responses to rant: lack of power tantrum

  1. Gary Lum says:

    Time to employ someone who knows what to do and spend the money to get everything fixed. You’re in a dangerous situation and that should not be tolerated. It wouldn’t happen in a workplace, it should never happen at home.

    • rougedmount says:

      unfortunately, he controls the household money. and in the past i have paid for things like this but have made the decision to stop a few years ago, as he does not value things, and with mistreatment, they break or wear out much more quickly than normal. i have to resort to ulterior ways of getting him to pay…this time..i will arrange for an electrician to be here while friends of the family are here…so he will be forced to pay…and i will deal with a petulant man for a month because of my deception and ‘winning’ the battle…but i was so frustrated..AM so frustrated.. my only saving grace is that he can;t do much more damage in the 30 minutes of light we have left…sigh..

  2. Chris says:

    I was going to say something, but then thought better of it. Nothing seems right, other than maybe: “Lets go out for a bite?”

    • rougedmount says:

      lol..you know that would be lovely..however at this point, i am going to go get some rose tequila on ice and self medicate in an entirely inappropriate manner. and start making an invitation list of men who can come see his handiwork to embarrass him into putting his tools away. he can’t use any tool he has.

      • Chris says:

        Most tools may pass ultimately into the hands of others who will cherish them and use them for good purpose. Those that cease to work from disuse, or that cannot be handed-off or passed down, probably belong in a box at a yard sale, that box bearing a sign that says: “free stuff – take it or I toss it.” I hope he has sense to crawl out of that box before it’s too late.

      • rougedmount says:

        he likes the box better than whats in it..lol

  3. rougedmount says:

    p.s. i’m not ‘really’ getting the nail gun…i was mad not insane…lol

  4. 'Tis says:

    Oh fuck no!!!! My blood pressure rose just reading that. I don’t know how you do it.

  5. kdaddy23 says:

    Don’t blame you – I would have spazzed out, too, and would still be doing it…

    • rougedmount says:

      the written word difuses the emotion..i will make arrangements for an electrician to come by when he arrives home from work and arrange for some friends to be here at the same time..this way he will be too embarrassed to not deal with it or to pay to have it fixed. he’ll be royally pissed with me..but do i care?..ahh no

  6. grhambley says:

    There are solutions to problems that can be equally applied to a different things. Hope this helps.


  7. Domina Jen says:

    Wow, I got mad just reading this. But your idea to have the electrician come when the friends are there is brilliant. It’s sad that you’ve been put in the position where you have to resort to that sort of thing, but at the end of the day, you need electricity. Or risk food poisoning when the refrigerator only runs half the time, and food is allowed to get warm. Do whatever it takes to make sure your basic needs are met!

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