teasing you pleases me

i will kiss you until you can’t breath and your hips start their thrusting forward to create friction for your engorged cock

i will suck your bottom lip, using my teeth and tongue, so all you can think about is how it would feel on your throbbing prick

i will brush my breasts against your chest and arm so you can feel the pebbled hardness of my nipples through our clothes

accidentally on purpose i will arch and move to show cleavage and silky thigh so you can’t focus on anything else but my body

public enough so that you can not respond as you need to and private enough that i can torment you by sexual teasing

orchestrated sexual frustration designed to push your limit on patience and civility making you act like the savage I want

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2 Responses to teasing you pleases me

  1. Chris says:

    The fire is lit. May it burn hot and long for the two of you.

  2. Marty says:

    I’m sure it pleases him, too

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