i own him

i know i arouse him as soon as i see him – he’s neither deaf or blind

he view’s the shimmer of stockings securely fastened to the garter

and hears the click of the high heel as i walk towards him

and he responds as most normal men would – with interest

he sees the round fullness of my bottom and the swell of hip

with the sheer black panties stretched over milky white skin

the lacy bra is pushing up my breasts in luxurious softness

designed to support the ideas of men who need to grasp them

holding firmly and pulling lightly to weigh their fullness

inside wide hands and splayed fingers before pinching crests

that they want to draw into hungry mouths as they feast

he smells the feminine scent that swirls around him

perfumes and lotions blended with musky creamy delights

i can see his nostrils flare and his chest swell with inhalations

my long hair, tossed carelessly over a shoulder to fall in front

so he sees the black strap rise over a smooth bare shoulder

as he imagines sliding it down my arm and off completely

i love his concentrated focus on the softness of my body before him

seeing the lust flare in his eyes as he searches every inch of me

he is taking everything in and wanting to remove all my lingerie

until i am bare and sweaty before him, supplicant on my knees

my hair swapped around his fist as he thrusts his cock into my mouth

with saliva drooling in strings from my wide open mouth and full lips

as his tight ass clenches as he hunches into the bucking motion

while he fucks my face and i look up at him with teasing, watering eyes

he wants me to fight him ineffectively and push against hard thighs

he needs me to gag as he uses his cock to subdue me, to moan  just enough

he wants to take back the dominance i have over him in my sheer lacy panties

i can see it in his eyes as i walk towards him, closer with every click of my heel

and it makes me smile full of the hubris i feel knowing that i own his cock

because i have created a haven for his mind to express his dark and sensual thoughts

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8 Responses to i own him

  1. Chris says:

    From inbox with automated notice to follower of your blog, revealing only the first couple of lines, through finger tapping with purpose the link in that message in order to arrive here, and until having consumed with interest the fullness and richness of this posting, you owned this reader’s mind. It is certain that, with these words shared here by you, you will continue to own a part of it, that thoughts will return to lace and silk, to skin and hair, to scent and sound.

  2. Dear rougedmount:

    Thank you for reminding me that I’m not yet quite dead after all.

    Village Idiot

  3. Moonstruck says:

    Your words help me understand my undeniable yearnings when my girl walks in the room. So primal but so lovely. She owns me 😉

  4. georgiakevin says:

    Beautifully, sensuously, masterfully written! Wow!

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