blinded by love

bipolar emotions twisting your gut and mind

wanting you, thinking about you, longing for you

hating you, disgusted by you, distrusting you

every positive and sensual memory i have with you

tarnished and spoiled by the charred remains of love

as it died a horrific death by your careless, beautiful hands

time is bullshit when it comes to healing anything

it’s a lie we perpetuate to make ourselves feel better

when we can’t, we won’t, we desperately need to

move on and get over the most important life change

that wasn’t really real and hurt us beyond expression

some things you don’t get over or unlearn once they happen

sometimes you just stay broken, hollow and frail

unable to enjoy the world and life as it was meant to be

because you look at it from the tortured eyes of experience

where you cried your eyes out and eventually left yourself blind

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3 Responses to blinded by love

  1. juliemontgommerynews says:

    Sometimes the right attitude takes time to find.

  2. Dear rougedmount:

    At once terrible and beautiful. Thank you for speaking more truth than our culture is accustomed to receiving.

    Village Idiot

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