Irish Luck

this is the day that the lord hath made

we shall rejoice and be glad in it

consuming pints of Guinness along the way

while wearing tight t-shirts stretched over racks

showing off a magnificently round  pair of tits

that others struggle to not ‘oogle or pant over

making me laugh at their awkwardness

there is something about a fair skinned girl

with a smattering of freckles on her nose

and her long curling and wavy hair

tumbled carelessly over back and chest

that makes a man think of mornings in bed

or lazy sun filled afternoons in tall grass

beside a slowly running creek with deep pools

the lilt of my voice and depth of my cadence

makes him imagine passion filled whispers

slippery warm skin and deliciously hot bodies

colliding together with the swirl of blending colors

brilliant green eyes smile upon him under dark lashes

showing passions response to his simple interest

and he imagines that the very luck of the Irish will bless him

all the days of his life as walks along the rising road

with the sunshine warming his back and cockles

if he was blessed enough upon this Sainted Day

to simply share my bed even if my heart is absent

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7 Responses to Irish Luck

  1. Chris says:

    I almost spilled my pint, almost, upon reaching a certain tightly stretched t-shirt. Magnificent indeed. Distraction was my companion to the end of this walking path. A very kind companion this day.

  2. darkgemdom says:

    Visions of Irish 8’s dance in My head. Staying in the spirit of the season of course.

  3. Dear rougedmount:

    You nearly lost me there with the ‘Guinness’ reference. I enjoy many brews, but I return to a few time and again. It goes without saying that Guinness is one of those.

    As for the rest of your post … well … you reminded me of a saying:

    A good woman makes your dick hard, not your life.

    I suppose that the gender-reversed version would be something along the lines of …

    A good man makes you wet, as opposed to just pissing you off…

    Village Idiot

  4. Dear rougedmount:

    LOL! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Decades ago when Dad was living [but an old, old man], he told a mutual friend who knew me when I was about 7 years, ‘the boy’s mouth has been getting him in trouble for a long time now…’

    I’m guessing that states more truth than some women care to hear. When I meet women this summer, I’ll use that line. If it gets me anything more than scowls and an occasional kick in the butt, I’ll let you know!

    Village Idiot

    PS: Feel free to use the line as your own. When I get pelted with animal feces, I’ll want to pretend that I got it elsewhere … 😉

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