Gender Discrimination Policy

I’ve decided that I am going to call myself ‘Gender Questing” and start using the male changing rooms, saunas and bathrooms. I shall state that I identify as ‘male’ in spite of having all the necessary female parts required to conceive and carry a biological off spring and be it’s only food source for the first year of its life. My rights would be protected to enter the male bastion of private sanctuary as one of their brethren members.

I would just be lacking any of the hormonal or physical accouterments that are normally associated with Male identity; like testosterone, gonads, penis, body or facial hair, and lack of mammary development. Or muscles. I don’t really have those either. But that doesn’t matter at all since as long as I “Identify” myself as “male”, my word for is simply has to be respected and legally upheld.

I am allowed to sit splay legged naked with my fellow males in a sauna or whirlpool. I am allowed to covetously compare their danglie bits while pretending to glance across the room. It is my right as a female who self identifies as a Male to be allowed to parade myself amongst the other card carrying members of my gender and dare them to look at me askance or make me feel awkward or uncomfortable for being there. It is my right to be respected for the man, I believe myself to be.

I wore jeans, work boots and a plaid shirt to the gym and drove there in a jeep. My hair is cut short and I am wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt to work out in. I am not wearing Lululemon or sketchers. It should be obvious that I am Gender Questing and my inclusion in the Male changing room should be fully supported, though not be advertised or discussed with others, as it would be an infringement on my personal rights!

I have no idea why my naked presence would upset or bother other men, who like me are there to work out and stay healthy. Are they bothered by how I look? I look perfectly normal for a Male who is Gender Questing. THIS is what a man looks like in MY mind and I should not have to change my body to conform to their idea of what a man SHOULD look like.

All of the uneducated people who complain about my presence need to re-evaluate what it means to be male. I should not be forced to undress or shower among women because that would make me uncomfortable. I feel much more relaxed and at ease amongst other men, who have all the parts and bits that I am used to not seeing, when I look at myself naked. Being around women is just a cruel reminder of everything I don’t have.

So for all of you people who stand in judgement of a fully biological female with all of the physical parts, traits and characteristics associated with that gender; you  simply do not know how I gender self identity and nor are you allowed to legally ask me to define it as that would be discriminatory. My presence in the Men’s change room should be held in evidentiary proof that I am Gender questing and affiliate with being a Man.

Of course, I also plan on bringing my very young daughters into the mens changing room as well as they ALSO identify as being boys just like me. I am sure their naked pre-pubescent presence will not bother a single man, adult, teen or otherwise, there, since after all, we men are all the exact same. Just because society has labelled them as ‘girls’ because of their physical and hormonal traits, does not mean that they are. They should be allowed to be around other men in the course of daily activities, so they know they are normal and valued members of the male community.

I don’t see how my desire to use a male changing room and facilities, should concern anyone, especially the other men I would be around who are also sharing the facility with me. The Gender discrimination policy is there to protect my rights to be included in the changing room which I identify with and that most assuredly is the one where I can view naked men who have all the parts I was not born with.

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16 Responses to Gender Discrimination Policy

  1. grhambley says:

    Society didn’t label them, birth genetics did. Delivered like a zealot devout H.R. (homo redundant) Professional.

    The Planet you got this from appears to impose policy as a gag and threat. I’m surprised this hasn’t become a First Amendment case in the land of litigation that lies below the 49th parallel.

    Perhaps Orwell missed by 100 years and it is 2084 we should be concerned with.

    Do as you like but please put the seat back up when you’re done.

  2. I agree with planet fitness. I’ve had friends I didn’t know were born the opposite sex until gossip spread it around the work place about him, he was legally a she as he had not been through any procedure. He was humiliated by this violation of his privacy. He was just a guy.

    I do believe a unisex changing room maybe a good alternative for business especially for people who feel they are gender fluid.

    • rougedmount says:

      full frontal nudity tends to share the shape of your genitalia with others in a very obvious manner… if you are in a gender assigned change room, you expect to be exposed to the same physical gender. What about the rights of the women with vagina’s who did not want to be exposed to seeing a penis and testicles while they were changing?

      • I personally am not offended by female nor male form, possibly because I have always been attracted to both but more importantly I have learned to avert my eyes.

        I feel that the policy is all over everywhere, like on the walls, including papers that she signed to join. If she had a problem with it she only has herself to blame for not reading papers she signed. There are other gyms, such as the ymca, which I am sure would agree with her (and your) point.

      • rougedmount says:

        i am not offended by nudity either..i would however like to be in control of who sees what and i support a persons choice to change..i would however expect a man in transition to not dangle his penis around all the vaginas, to announce that it’s there. i am personally in favor of a 3rd dressing room.

      • Unless otherwise stated all should be discreet. Most people aren’t there to mingle, just to workout. I think if she just changed (the fluid gender she) more discreetly, this wouldn’t be an issue, all the other woman could do would be speculate.

      • rougedmount says:

        … reading the article, it seemed as if the ‘he to she’ gender transition person, consisted of a very tall, well built man, complete with full package. hard to be discrete when you have made no attempt at physical transitioning.

      • I read a different article. It had said that the person had taken hormones. Some people cannot afford the physical change or haven’t been “approved” for it yet. There are many reason a person chooses to transition physically or not to.

        Idk. I am not them, but I cannot imagine going through what someone like them goes through on a daily basis.

        I do know the legal aspect is they have you sign a clause stating their beliefs as does any business. She broke the contract by indeed slandering them even though her complaint was in paperwork she signed. It’s just like Chick-fil-A turning away openly gay people’s business. It’s protected currently to do so. It goes both ways. I personally because of this will never eat there because of this. People have a problem with Planet Fitness should hit them where it counts, their wallets.

        Either way, agree or disagree it’s good to talk about these things. They are current and pose real questions. Maybe locker room are altogether just outdated… maybe there is a way to make everyone feel safe and be inclusive.

      • rougedmount says:

        the refusal of serving someone based upon their sexual preferences is a bit different than seeing the genitals of someone you did not expect to see. As a woman, I would not choose to undress in the presence of men I don’t know, yet have no issue undressing in front of Lesbians or bisexual women I don’t know. Of course the woman handled herself poorly. Of course the gym had the right to cancel her membership. The caveat I am trying to make is that as a member of this gym, don’t I have the right to be in a vulnerable and exposed position, in front of people I choose to affiliate with based on ‘my’ rights? Why does someone with a penis get to decide to undress beside someone with a Vagina and have that right supported over mine to not have them there? OR if they give him that right to be around women naked, then what about my rights to be notified, so I can make the choice to cancel my membership and move to a facility which has a His, Hers and an Gender Neutral? People should not be forced to be naked around people they aren’t comfortable with being in the presence of. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation or Gender identity. It has to do with the visuals of a naked penis or naked vagina.
        The reality is schools have to have a 3rd washroom/changeroom ..if the woman with a penis wants to use the womens dressingroom, then the 3rd changeroom better be big enough to accommodate the majority of the women who have vaginas and will want to separate themselves based on the visible genitalia being exposed while changing.

      • In America, it’s all about commerce and freedom. Fact is it was disclosed in a legal document that they do not discriminate and it is the business’ s choice just as it is the YMCA’S not to allow this. It’s a freedom of commerce was my point. As a business they can choose not to give their employees health insurance, or insurance that offers birth control, they can choose to turn away business or not to based on whatever their truth is. If people don’t like it they can go to a different business. It’s not an outrage, it’s legalities and business.

        I don’t buy that some pervy man/woman is going to be able to bring in his pervy kids (or hers) and ogle the opposite sex. It’s horrible to make someone identify as a gender they are not. I can also see where it maybe uncomfortable for a woman/man maybe uncomfortable with someone with different genitalia than them in the same changing room. I think there needs to be a change for all to feel comfortable and included. But that’s just an opinion of a nobody.

  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    …nature makes decisions for us…we just need to abide by them 💋

    • rougedmount says:

      conforming to the notion that a penis is an indication of male genitalia and a vagina is an indication of female genitalia…it is rather blatant when ‘one of the things is not like the others’ in a naked group environment. It is not up to me to decide if Trans man with penis and testicles and breast implants is ‘considered’ a man or a woman. It is obvious that no matter how they self identify, that when people see a penis and testicles they will leap to the conclusion that the owner of the appendage is a naturally born male….taking hormonal replacements… i don’t ask about sexual orientation with anyone I meet. However, a naked person of the opposite gender may be harder to ignore and one would also have to ask why their rights would take precedence over others…especially people who have a religious tenet to not view members of the opposite sex.

  4. jaggu008 says:

    If you are strong enough, both mentally and physically, nobody should come in your way of choosing the dhange rooms if your choice

  5. RobertoLB says:

    Why only a third changing room?
    Lets make more!
    For exemple I’m a straight man but I don’t like to see male genitals, it wouldn’t bother me to see female genitals in the changing room and I wouldn’t be ashamed about getting naked in front of a woman.
    Sorry but I disagree with you. We can argue for hours about this and any opinion could be acceptable. Since she signed a paper she accepted that kind of policy.

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