partner type

I am a normal woman, average really, in every way, yet who has the maturity and experience to understand the mechanics of an affair and how to manage a secondary relationship without becoming zealous in the excitement of finding a compatible partner. I am educated, well spoken, generally in control of myself and am exceptionally well balanced. I am thoughtful, pragmatic and expect to be considered as a valued friend if and when I become part of someone’s intimate life.

I can intimidate men, if they are not strong themselves,  as I am generally quite forward in my approach and way of speaking, which is not often what they are familiar with. If a man can’t handle communication with me in the written medium, then the reality is they simply will not be able to do it in real life either, as I only get more challenging in person.

I am not for a novice or under experienced man. My equal understands that we are extremely different and completely identical in how we approach the world and the opposite sex. The only demanding male I respond to, is one who accepts and respects my own demanding personality. I do not want to be the one controlling each and every interaction we would have or my personality is such that I will. It will mean his devaluation as a man and a partner, especially if I am always forced into making the rules for our interaction.

I don’t do inches as I measure in miles. I expect the man I am with to be well endowed when it comes to his personality and character.

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4 Responses to partner type

  1. grhambley says:

    Well balanced you say? Exactly 50/50 right/left balanced like me?

  2. Dear rougedmount:

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for that term, ‘under-experienced!’ Under-experienced Я us!

    That said, I rather suspect we’d get along quite famously.

    More decades ago than I admit, I did a B.Ed. after my post-graduate work. I recall one woman [I saw the others as ‘girls’] who was down as she’d had no dates all year. She wasn’t unattractive, so I asked. It seems men were intimidated by her intelligence. I told her that this was odd since I thought intelligence was a major drawing card. It was interesting. She turned and said, ‘really…’ She fixed her eyes on me like she was trying to bore into my mind for what she might find. ‘… because you’re the only one who thinks so…’

    I smiled lightly and said, ‘surely, you can’t believe that we’re ALL a bunch of inarticulate boobs…’ I’d never thought about it; but in that moment, I knew she was right. I told her to go and that she’d find men more in her league in a graduate program. She would not want pity and I’m sure would have been offended had I expressed it. But I did feel for her.

    Village Idiot

    PS: Intelligence really IS a great turn-on…

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