weighing in on penis size

do you know how heavy a big cock actually is? how much pressure is created from the weight of it pressed against you and from the thrusting of it, inside of you? this is something that i am not sure a heterosexual man, who is not well endowed, truly understands unless he has been given the opportunity to play with toys on his partner. not many ‘straight’ men have the opportunity to feel the weight of a penis, other than their own.

one of the toys i have is a 9 inch, heavily veined, white dildo complete with appropriately matching pendulous balls. this is the ‘go to’ toy that my spouse is attracted to, whenever i ask him to retrieve one from the toy box, to use on me. needless to say, because it is so dramatically different from his own small penis, i think it’s what creates his fascination with it. visually speaking, when he sees that my body can accommodate its entirety when i am aroused, it must make him intensely aware of the size difference between himself and the toy, as well as what I am physically capable of handling, sexually speaking.

it occurred to me that the weight of this large dildo has to be several pounds and the sensation of it while in his hand must be very different in comparison to his own. he left it inside of me after i came and he moved up so i could suck him to orgasm. the pressure inside of me was still there, even as my body was calming down. when he went to the washroom to bring me back a warm cloth, i pushed it from my body as i reached down to grasp it and the sheer weight of it surprised me.

clearly i was aware of the size difference between a large dildo and a small penis before now, but up until this morning i had not really thought about the heaviness, the weight, the volume it takes up when i am penetrated with it. thinking back on various partners i have had, i am now cognizant of the fact that the men who are heavily endowed possess this same weight factor and it is a contributor to the erotic sensations that bring about a physical response from me in ways that a small penis does not, or simply can not accomplish.

i think that for women who do not have sexual physical limitations, this difference could be a serious factor in who they decide to have a sexual relationship with. Some women need it or can ‘take it’ and others simply are not able to, for a variety of reasons. i think that the sheer weight of a large dildo or cock is as attractive to men as it is to women, from an aesthetics point of view. i also think that its a biological response as opposed to physical preference. we see bigger as better in our primitive brains.

if there were 2 dildos side by side, identical in every way except the weight, it is my supposition that the heavier of the two would be chosen in preference time and again because subconsciously we are drawn to the bigger one, even if the only difference is in weight alone. i think this must be part of the draw, especially for men who have a small penis, to use toys on their partners. it leads to a visual comparison between what they have and what she can take, as well as a subconscious one, when he feels the weight of another, heavier ,cock in his hand when he is used to his own much lighter one.

seeing his partner respond sexually to having sex with a big, heavy dildo, in ways vastly different than her response to his own smaller, lighter penis provides the evidence his psyche is looking for, which proves that a bigger cock creates a bigger response in a sexually responsive women. perhaps in his mind, it also proves that only an exceptionally erotic and sexually powerful woman is capable of handling a bigger cock as well; which arouses him because he has secured her, as his partner or mate. that must give him an ego boost to know he has been chosen over other men, with larger endowments,  when it’s obvious she could easily accommodate them.

along with his obvious sexual response to using large toys on a willing partner, it might also bring about the insecurity or fear that she will leave him, for one of these men who possess what he doesn’t have; a large cock. this conflict might initially create fear, which can be expressed as anger, that he would have to work through, to actually understand and accept his sexual response to her being fucked by larger cocks, even if they are just toys. it would require a man with a small penis to be confidant in himself and in his ability to pleasure his partner, as well as in the relationship stability itself.

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8 Responses to weighing in on penis size

  1. Dear rougedmount:

    This could lead to a number of inquiries. Among these …

    How does the presence/absence of pendulous weight shape a man’s perception/experience of his sexual identity and his sexuality in general? What psychological dimensions may this assume? Does the absence predispose a small man to ‘understand and accept his sexual response to her being fucked by larger cocks?’ Or does its presence induce large men to ‘smell success’ with Mrs. Little [thinking of your African-American friend, who is aroused at seeing small men]?

    Village Idiot

    • rougedmount says:

      i would think that a man holds a very close affinity with his penis and comes to conclusions about his own value based upon his size as well as skill set when engaged intimately with a partner. i think all forms of ‘kink’..or arousal triggers..center around those initial sexual triggers from the time when sexual identity was still forming. Size doesn’t necessitate preference towards small penis teasing as men of every size can be found amongst those who like and enjoy it as well as those who need it to perform. it’s why i think that ‘size’ is as individual as the man who’s body the penis is attached to.
      i think the bottom line is competition. most men do it even if its subconscious. and many men can accept ‘losing’ out to a bigger man..though find it harder to accept when losing to a ‘smaller’ man..and it can refer to penis size, social position, height, money…anything a man can compare…

  2. gaanchooh says:

    I have found, thar women may like to have sex with well endowed and skillful men, when it comes to loving, she prefers a gentle loving and caring man for a life long relationship, inspite of ocassional flings. I am telling this with authority based on my own experience

  3. H.H. says:

    My life-cast horse cock dildo weighs in at over 2 lbs. ~ Lo

  4. Chris says:

    The weight of the evidence is firmly in your favor. I have never weighed my penis, but now I am bound to. Unaroused, its single inch of length suspended on a balance likely weighs no more than a single ounce, in contrast to the eight-inch solid glass dildo that weighs-in at just over two pounds. It is he on whom I must rely to do that which Nature has not endowed me to do, to reach where I can never hope to reach, but where I must reach, above all other necessary actions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that was a great article.

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