silk prison

ohhhh i’m a naughty little girl. considering doing terribly naughty things. because i can and because i want to. all the while thinking that opportunity is not just knocking but gently massaging my lower back. it’s whispering in my ear as it swirls its tongue around the sensitive whorls, blowing hot air over cool skin, that i should do as i please and take what i want. and i want to take what i can.

rendezvous for the morning under covers,  through the filtered light of half drawn curtains as i secretly delight in the fleshy touch of another mans hands on my fair and freckled skin. letting him kiss me until he arouses himself enough that when i start demanding and taking from him, he will acquiesce like a meek and mild kitten. it would be so easy to present my breasts for suckling. encouraging his hands to milk the round fullness into his eager mouth as he draws the taunt nipple hungrily.

he wants me over him, his hips securely pinned under the spread of my ample thighs so that the heat of my sex is deliciously sliding against him, accidentally on purpose. enough to spike his lust and make him arch his hips as he seeks to bury himself inside the seeping well of relief he craves with carnal yearnings. i hover and tease, deliciously keeping from him what he so desperately wants and needs. controlling his lust as i fuel my own with denial and restraint.

he feels it brush over his chest and sees the long tousled hair, sliding over my own bared skin and heaving breasts. the fallen silk strap of a sheer negligee hanging precariously off a shoulder. he feels the cool silk of material and the hot silk of flesh and when i finally impale myself on his steel silk of his erection, he will orgasm inside the wet silk of my woman’s sheath without the ability to control his body which i have manipulated into uncontrolled and instant response.

some may consider his release premature considering the brevity of his incarceration inside of the tightly closed walls of my pleasure prison; but the constant and relentless teasing arousal has done it’s job to the logical conclusion and orgasmic finale. he came because i created it, orchestrated it and planned for his complete loss of control, once he entered me. my powerful position as succubus is to drain him completely so the emptying contents of his balls reflect his inability to think as well. he can escape completely by being completely confined.

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4 Responses to silk prison

  1. Dear rougedmount:

    Nothing on the planet compares to unbridled, feminine sexuality, planned and executed to perfection.

    Village Idiot

    PS: ‘accidentally on purpose.’ Can’t recall the number of times I’ve said that. You go, girl!

  2. babyd21713 says:

    Well you just melted all the snow in my yard….thanks sweetie 😃

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