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I’ve had a number of people reach out to me, asking if I knew what happened to the “Love Small Penis” blog and e-mails. With permission from Steve and Hottie, I am passing along the information that they have decided to shut down the blog and walk away from the community after considering all of the options available to them.

It was a hard decision for them to leave and I am sure that there will be many individuals who besides myself, will miss their online presence with a selfish longing for them to return. Considering the size of their following and the considerable amount of interaction they had with people who reached out to them, it was untenable for them to continue maintenance of the blog as they had in the past.

I wish them well as they transition back into the real world with the knowledge that they have helped so very many people, myself included. Considering the number of links I had back to their blog, a large part of my own story is gone with them.

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26 Responses to Love Small Penis Blog Info

  1. I agree and like you got an email from Steve about this. Cuckolding is a subject that needs to come out of the darkness and into the light. Thanks to Steve and Hottie for helping everybody understand this kink.

  2. junkman1900 says:

    I am really disappointed with Steve and Hottie’s unceremonious and abrupt deletion of the site. It is a selfish act, and a good lesson for people to *not* participate in online forums. I say this because if you add up the content that they provided — which was usually excellent and well thought out — it was still less in volume than the combined contributions of its members. Many people put a lot of time and effort into posting there, not just the site creators.

    So when they made the decision to delete the site, they also erased hundreds if not thousands of posts from community members. None of which had any say in their decision to annihilate the site. That is pretty shitty. It would have been much more respectful to give advance warning that the site was closing, and to offer the community some input in the decision making. (Perhaps it could have remained as-is, frozen in time, as a niche resource? Or maybe the controls could have been handed over to someone else? Or at the very least some closure could have been given to community members, instead of just obliterating the whole thing without notice.) It was a selfish and classless act.

    • rougedmount says:

      considering the sheer number of links I had to the blog, I too am very sad about their decision. That being said, I can understand that the sheer amount of time they gave in moderation, let alone content creation, must have been more than was sustainable when held in conjunction with their real lives. I too wish the blog had remained frozen in time, as a resource, but ultimately, the choice belongs to the writer as to which direction they care to take.

    • KyVz says:

      I suspect that there must have been some precipitating event that led to the sudden removal of the blog. I was a new poster, and I was contacted at the end of January with a request from Hottie to take their survey. It therefore seems that as late as the end of last month, they were still actively engaged in running the site and producing future content.

      Given my recent contact and the unceremonious and unannounced elimination of years of content, I am guessing that this was a sudden act, done in haste. What would cause them to act in such haste I can only speculate at, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the blog and their real lives collided somehow in a way that required a quick and definite response.

      I wish them the best, but I’ll admit it is going to eat at me for months not knowing what happened. I’ll take this as a lesson that no matter how many years you spend reading and absorbing the content of someone on the internet, you don’t actually know them and they aren’t really a part of your life – they can go *poof* at any time.

      • rougedmount says:

        it’s an impossible choice to make but ultimately a very personal one. perhaps the torch shall be born by others who can provide the same focus and detail as they had

      • Dear rougedmount:

        You wrote: ‘perhaps the torch shall be born by others …

        I reply: Now there is an idea. Clearly, I’m in no position to carry on anything like that. And I believe that the LSP blog was a ‘one of a kind.’ But that an interest exists for discussion of that and related subjects seems clear.

        Your suggestion needs time to ferment …

        Village Idiot

  3. wasacuckold says:

    I’m just happy for what time we had to enjoy their blog…now wishing I had saved some of it for later reading 🙂

  4. Dear rougedmount:

    The commitment level suggested by the sheer volume of material at the now defunct site indicates that the decision was not taken lightly. Moreover, that decision was never ours to make.

    Village Idiot

    PS: Would you believe me if I told you that I was the ‘problem child’ at school?

    • rougedmount says:

      Yes…I have spoken with them and this choice was made after due consideration. I asked and gained their permission to advise readers, as several had messaged me asking about them. I greatly appreciate the info about the archived blogs…I would dearly love to be able to use some of the information as a resource.
      i too believe that the decision they made came after a thorough discussion. I know that the sheer volumes of views they had daily and the constant contact, made it impossible for them to continue as it was.

  5. little jimmy says:

    I must admit that initially my feelings were widespread but mostly that of great disappointment that LSP would no longer be around for me to read, experience , learn from and contribute to (although only slightly at this point). Why wouldn’t I be upset? The topic is very important to me and has become a big (well small) part of my life. I’d be very surprised if any of the followers are happy to see it go.

    As of yet, I have not found another site on the internet that for me, hit the nail right on the head as to how I was feeling. Most of the content on the site expressed exactly the way I felt and truly opened up a whole new world for me and my wife. Even the blogs that were not something that I personally would explore, were always interesting and thoughtfully written, I will miss it.

    Although I understand the anger, sadness and disappointment that must be felt by many of the contributors to LSP for, what felt to us like, the sudden disappearance of a site that we cared so much about. I believe that Steve and Hottie would have seriously considered every possible choice open to them before shutting the site down. This was their baby. I know this must have been extremely hard for them. The care and thoughtfulness of the articles on the site, the love they have shown all us contributors are a true testament to the love they both share for this topic. They probably had no other choice but “Rip the Band Aid off” so to speak, as the outcry to not shut down the site would have been too much and they would have felt that they had no choice but to keep it going. Maybe this would have been a good thing for them and us, maybe not. Maybe shutting it down is best, who knows. Ultimately only they know why they had to do what they did. And that’s ok.

    Steve & Hottie, I hope you will read this as it will probably be my only chance to say good-bye and I personally want to thank them both for making such a difference in so many people’s lives including mine and wish you all the success and happiness in your future. Also do be upset by the emotions that people may express by LSP being gone this is a testament to how much you have meant to all of us.

  6. just another spt fan says:

    I don’t think this will bring the LSP blog back, but maybe it helps to express your feelings regarding the current situation.

    I have pressed the button quite a few times already.

    I wonder if there is any other website or blog that provides that sort of content with such a high quality?

  7. RobertoLB says:

    It’s a pity but thanks to that blog I found out this one!

    • rougedmount says:

      well i do thank you for following and reading along…

      • I know Steve and Hottie must of had good reasons for closing their blog and we must respect their wishes. I know that I’ve learned a lot about the hotwife and cuck husband. We have several couples that we are friends with that practice cuckolding. Reading hottie and steve’s posts have expanded my understanding of the kink they have.

        Good luck to both Hottie and steve, where ever your are. And steve I hope you always have a ringside seat to watch. LOL

  8. I to am sorry to see the LSP site go, it would figure that I finally find a site that gets “it” and it would disappear within a few months of me finding it, however I am glad at least I was able to find your blog rougedmount, I will get to read your thoughts and writings and hopefully add some comments in the future. You are just as interesting as their blog was as well.

  9. forlumbus says:

    I hope nothing bad happened to them or their relationship. Now or ever.

    • rougedmount says:

      they are fine and wonderfully well..unfortunately they could just not continue to give the time to the blog that was required to have it perform at the optimal level. i am sure they are thankful for your concern…even if unwarranted

  10. Cocu says:

    While I agree with all the good thoughts and well wishes, and while I can completely understand why they might decide to leave the work behind, I must say that I really don’t understand why they had to take down such a wealth of content, so precipitously. If they had just given even a little bit of a warning, I would have dearly loved to download at least a few of the many postings that meant so much to me. I was actually in the process of assembling a list of postings to share with my wife — and unfortunately, I’d only recorded the links, not the actual pages.

    Nothing else I’ve seen on the internet has ever come so close to capturing what I wanted to share with her, in the way that I wanted to express it. Sure, I can talk to her without it, but not as well, or with the same sense of “shared” recognition and authenticity. I’m really disappointed, and I can’t help but feel at least a little betrayed.

    • rougedmount says:

      they had been targets of too much content theft to leave the blog up…after the constant betrayal of people stealing their content, they could not leave it up to be pilfered or to be taken out of context. i am grateful i was able to read what i did and i always referenced the original content of their material when i wrote in a similar vein…but many were not so kind to them.

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