my words are my own

there has never been a time in my life that i have ever felt the need to steal another writers words an pretend that they were my own. ever. my words come from my heart. from my experience. my life. ideas can come from 1000 sources. like most writers, i have read extensively my entire life with a voracious appetite fueling my need to discover more about my world and situation. i am flattered when people ascribe talent to my writing, though i do not write to please others. i write for myself. others can identify with my situation. i have a deep respect for people who can translate ideas to words and because of this, would never take something so personal to use as my own. it is simply unimaginable to me.

to those who think that simply because you have a talent for expression, that you must have stolen it from another who was more capable, i would like you to examine your own need to find a perceived fault, where none lie. it’s annoying and it’s unwarranted. i have more than enough to say on my own without taking the words out of someone else’s mind.

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6 Responses to my words are my own

  1. aaroncauser says:

    Haters in ‘real life’ will inevitably be haters here too …

  2. gaanchoo says:

    On our own when we think and write on it, it may so happen that somebody else might have used similar words, which we are not aware of. Words are not patented that we cannot use them. and that doesnot mean that we have stolen somebody’s words

  3. plutsrus says:

    I believe that you are extremely talented and each time you post, you make me feel like someone is in my head expressing my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for saying what I feel, and allowing me to feel that it’s ok.

    • rougedmount says:

      i appreciate you taking the time to post and thank you for the kind expression. shared experience often enables us to work through our lifes issues because we feel supported.

  4. grhambley says:

    All the things that got you from there to here with your own flair. Works for me!

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