nature of slovenly actions

I went to make coleslaw as an accompaniment for the dinner I am making tonight. Yes, I said I was making coleslaw. I prefer to make as many things from scratch as possible. (I’m making an Onion Chive mashed potatoes, BBQ ribs and Corn Bread to go along with it.) I reached into the fridge to get the mayonnaise and discovered it was put away empty. Went to get the milk next. Surprise! Less than ¼ cup left and no one thought about mentioning that we had no extra milk in the fridge. Interesting.

I went into the utility drawer to pull out and use my 1 C metal measuring cup and shockers, it wasn’t put away where it belonged. I searched for 5 minutes before giving up. I had to wipe the counters down before I started, of course, because someone (their father) made something last night and left the mess. The dirty pan was still in the sink as well and so I had to wash that before using it.

So let’s re-cap. I pre planned the weekly families meals. I went shopping for the items I needed, organized them when I put them away and took time out of my day in the morning to make something I needed that was to be serve later tonight. I wasted 15 minutes searching for tools I needed, that had not been put away or left unwashed and then could not finish what I started, because items were put away empty or used then left with minimal amounts remaining, making it unusable for the purpose it was bought for.

Let’s take a wild guess at my mood, right now? Go ahead. Guess. I contemplated typing this entire thing in CAPS so it would indicate the teeth clenching, flown inducing, forehead rubbing, hair pulling response to the absolute disrespect that has been thrown at me. Apparently the belief that I am a personal maid and servant is rearing its way into the consciousness of the people I live with because of the example that has been learned from the father.

So to the future roommates, house sharing companion, girlfriend, partner, spouse, of my kids. Listen, I did the best I could. I tried teaching them to not be slobs, but if you are living with them, you know that I failed. Their effort is mediocre at best. Their nature was too strong for me to overcome with training and their fathers lazy influence was simply too easy to emulate.

Of course, I am painting all offspring with the same brush of contempt as I’ve not talked to any of them to see who will admit to the mess or the inconsiderate actions. To be honest, I don’t even really care ‘who’ it was. I feel a breach in etiquette and marginalized for all I do. I think it’s time to once again go on strike for a while. It’s amazing how much withdrawal of service gets noticed after a few weeks when they finally realize their quality of life has diminished.

Their father, of course, remains useless in all regards.

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2 Responses to nature of slovenly actions

  1. Dawn D says:

    If he is useless in all regards, why you remain married to him is a puzzle to me.
    But I know that it is your life story, not mine.
    So for now, I’ll only say I hear your frustration. I am sending hugs through cyberspace so that you hopefully manage to get back to a comfortable level of emotions, so that YOU don’t suffer from the mess around you.

  2. Ray says:

    Change the password to the Wifi in the house and tell them they’ll get the new password when the @#$!@#!@# kitchen is clean and all your stuff is back in its original place… 🙂

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