black bull

the friend of a friend messaged me via facebook. he’s been messaging of and on for 3? years or so. he worked with a woman in a job  before she left the company and moved into the one where we met; and  i worked with her for 5 years. my privacy settings are set, her’s not so much and he ended up seeing a photo that we were both tagged in. that’s how he discovered me.

he is single, black and physically is exceptionally hard to ignore. he’s not just attractive, his body is a chiseled  example of male perfection. 6ft, about 175-180, hard lean and long defined muscles. bubbled ass and is about 10 inches of very thick, heavily veined, cut cock. i know this as he has sent me pictures.

it started as him asking about my status, single? married? interested in maybe going out on a date? the mutual friend could vouch for him as not being a crazy random guy from the internet. the answer was ‘no’ but i admit that his looks caught my attention and his respectful approach to meeting me, engaged me to keep talking to him.

no, i’ve never met him. he’s asked several times over the years but why allow someone to throw gas on a fire you are trying to control. it would be hard for me to resist his advances in person as i’ve discovered that he is quite assertive, very masculine, confidant and he doesn’t allow me to be the one making the rules in conversation. in person, i know i could not withstand the attraction i feel.

over the course of our acquaintance things went from casual to flirting, then to openness and expressing sexual interest. which is how i saw his cock and learned of his preference for white women and penchant for being a bull with white couples. Preferably the man of the couple is very small so there is an extreme cock comparison. he loves seeing the difference and feeding the entire bull scenerio with his black sexual superiority and cock size.

listening to him is fascinating. the women he is with, talk to their husbands as he is servicing their sexual needs. they do a running commentary on what it feels like to be fucked, actually fucked, by a thick,heavy, real cock. the one thing i found interesting is that men who are premature ejaculators and who are 1 and done when alone with their wives, normally cum the moment they touch themselves and yet they get hard again almost immediately when they watch their wives being fucked by him. if solves the husbands erection issues.

he loves when the wives make their husband present themselves in front of her, so that the 2 cocks can be directly held and compared. there is no comparison. he loves being sexually superior, not just in size but in skill. it’s the thing that gets him off more than anything else. knowing that he is watching a man give up his wife to another man because he can’t meet her physical needs.

as much as it arouses him, he also takes the responsibility very seriously. sex to him is not just a way to get off physically. his entire focus is in exhausting the woman, pushing her past her endurance to what she thinks she can take. he starts slow and then destroys her by the end. he has complete control of his orgasm and can prolong it indefinitely. his rebound time is almost instant which makes his ability to perform incomparable to the husbands he’s substituted for.

i’ve learned a lot about the play of power by talking to him over the years. learned alot about why some white women want black lovers and why some black men only focus on white women. i’ve gained a lot of insight about why a man wants cock comparison and why there is such focus between the differences between a big cock and a small penis. mentally i think they are very different things to men and i think that most women don’t even come close to understanding this.

as simplistic as it is, comparing cocks is no different than comparing caught fish size or whose hunted deer had the bigger rack. most men are competitive and cock size is no different. when they compare cocks and skill sets with them, i think it touches a primitive place inside their brains which needs to be stimulated. when they combine this intrinsic need to compare with a sexual expression, i think it cements itself as a preference not just a fetish.

this man, this beautifully proportioned and sexually  demanding man, is sexually superior to most men he comes across. he has all of the attributes a sexually available woman would need for complete satiation. he is not a lazy lover. he is a demanding one who is aroused by being able to make a woman weak with her response to his attention. he is aroused by seeing other men who have a small penis, knowing that their wives are not getting what he can give them, from their husbands.

he makes me want to have sex with him, if for no other reason, to simply see his skill set. it is tempting because it’s not often that you come across a man who is demanding in his need to have their partner not just orgasm, but to be changed by the intensity of it to not want to go back to their old partner and unsatisfying sex life. i imagine how it would be, to be serviced by him , and it makes me aroused by the idea of it. which is interesting as until i started speaking with him, i had no idea i’d find it interesting at all.

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13 Responses to black bull

  1. Dear rougedmount:

    Honestly? The first thing that comes to mind is that this is absolutely beautiful. It is so beautiful that I can’t believe that it is wrong. I think you are supposed to continue listening. I think that the dialogue is supposed to continue.

    I’m going to be scarce for the next few days, but I think that your admitted fascination and clear, sustained interest mean something. I think that the response of the husbands confirms this. It is as if they no less than the stud need this to happen because it is supposed to happen. It’s as if the husband’s arousal, combined with his inability to compete act together to induce/persuade/teach him to step aside while the job is done right because that is how Nature designed it to be.

    These many things converging in hitherto socially-vilified ways has to mean something. I think you need to keep the communication lines open. I think that’s what you’re supposed to do.

    Village Idiot

  2. Pua Nani says:

    Having read about your sexual preferences I would think sex with him could be amazing for you. But I think you are like me; there always needs to be a emotional/relationship aspect combined with technical prowess to make a sexual situation truly compelling

    • rougedmount says:

      temptation being what it is, i am rarely far from it’s kaleidoscope of colors. and this man is an artistic pallet of well used and well seasoned brilliance. i’ll keep talking to him…i enjoy it far too much to not to…what i do find interesting is that the contact always begins with him reaching out to me…

  3. oceanswater says:

    Well I would not fuck him (not because he prefers white women), but because of his cockiness. Men like that white or black turn me off. And it’s a great thing many White men prefer Black or brown women (like me). Guess what, there are many, many white men who would not worry about his cock size at all, they don’t have to. They are well endowed themselves… just my opinion.

    • rougedmount says:

      he’s not exactly ‘cocky’… his entire nature bespeaks confidence. He is like a well trained athlete who knows they are athletic. Or a prize winning novelist, who knows they can express themselves. The difference is that he is not self promoting, he has no need to be, as his actions and abilities speak for him. There is almost an undertone of humor to him. He is very delightful to talk to…and only starts to stand his ground once i start questioning him on various things. I don’t have the experience he has, simply the curiosity. He indulges me and has given me glimpses into dynamics I had never considered before. As to well endowed men ( white or otherwise)…my biggest issue with them is when they are lazy and believe by virtue of a big cock, they are exempt from participating and actively trying to pleasure a woman. Well hung men who like cock service and worship, turn me off completely. Regardless of cock size, if a man makes it his mission to be sexually giving, then he is far more attractive to me sexually than one who doesn’t. To find a man who feels this way AND has a big cock…well…he is an absolute treasure that I absolutely delight in seeing, feeling and playing with.

  4. aaroncauser says:

    Fantastic; I trust we will hear more … 🙂 I guess my 69word challenge entitled ‘Room Service’ will have a certain poignancy 😉

  5. kdaddy23 says:

    Rouge, are you suffering from Mandingo Syndrome (imagine me kinda laughing a little)? Let’s see… is a big cock necessary to accomplish what you describe? Um, not really – you just have to be very good at what you do. When I first started reading this, my first thought was, “And people wonder where this stereotype comes from?” As a Black man who has been bedded by white women (and for the same reasons you mentioned at times), it used to make me wonder if they sought me out because I was Black (and maybe hung like you wouldn’t believe) or because they were just rolling the dice and hoping that I was as good as they thought I was?

    I know it used to put incredible pressure on me to perform, to live up to a “standard” that both makes sense and is patently ridiculous at the same time when you consider that some women will emphatically tell you that it ain’t the size of the boat (you know the rest) but then rip your heart and manhood apart because you’re not carrying an extra large bag to just to tote your cock around.

    Since not all of us are running around with 10+” , if we wanna make any woman wonder what truck ran her over, backed up, and ran her over again, we have to hone our skills; we have to redirect our focus from just getting our rocks off to doing whatever’s necessary to leave her unconscious; we have to be consistent and persistent. Maybe it’s compensating for not being able to wrap our cocks around our waists twice but what ego I have says that I’d rather compensate and make her look at me like I just tried to kill her than to have her thinking that I don’t know what I’m doing.

    We are competitive, no doubts about that; we will compare cocks and, yep, laugh at the little guys even more than a woman would. But, regardless to the size of our dicks, the thing that makes any of us good – and regardless to color and the size of our cocks – is dealing with a woman who isn’t gonna tell you what she’s not gonna do – but who also expects you to bring all your skill and imagination to the bed…

    • rougedmount says: kill me.. lol
      I just love how you write as i can simply visualize you. you speak very much like a very dear friend i have and you use the exact same language…not sure if i ever told you that? but he has the exact same mindset you do..kill her..slay her and “make her look like you just tried to kill her” with the best sex she’s ever
      i’ve never understood the whole ‘race’ preference thing. i grew up with friends who were black and so a black man was no more exotic to me than a white one was.
      what i have found fascinating about my talks with the ‘friend of a friend’ is is candidness to explain and detail things to my very curious mind. to be honest, it’s helped me to authentically understand some aspects to sexuality i hadn;t considered…and yes, i used some of them in the endless search (futile though it may be) for that elusive trigger that might inspire my spouse.
      i think what gets me the most is the same thing i find hard to resist in other men, which is absolute control and stamina.
      because of my nature, not many men are able to see past the rather dominant side of me, let alone be able to manipulate me sexually. (let’s count….exactly…one man)
      so i do like the confident and controlled man that the friend of a friend is. his being black is not a factor in it for me..but my being white definitely is a factor for him. HIS fetish is the white couple cuckold … and considering his sizable wonder! he has a massive market of couples where this is their holy grain of sexual desires and this guy seems like he was perfectly made for the role. i’ve never met him in ‘real life’… doubt i ever would…i don;t need that level of temptation…though as i said… IF I was adventurous or pissed off one night..i just might.. an i refuse to regret actions i it’s best if i simply chat away…

      • kdaddy23 says:

        I understand the fetish and I am so damned glad I don’t have it due to an extreme case of color blindness – and, no, I don’t think you ever mentioned that – I’m honored!

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