whipping cream

My little stable of toys holds a comfortable collection of various sizes and girths. My favourites are the ones which also have pendulous balls. The realistic look contributes to my excitement and practically speaking, gives you something easy to hold onto, even when they are covered in juices and oils. There is nothing more frustrating than losing your grip on the cylindrical shape of vibrator just as you have found the rhythm that forces you into an orgasm. It can ruin it, even as you start to cum, which is why they are only good for warm up and not the actual game.

Part of the process is in lining them up in the order I want them inserted, clearly indicating that size will increase with my arousal. Military formation, all standing at attention, ready to be called upon when called to duty, ready to service me in my time of need. Of course, it’s my partners job to ensure that before the cock’s entry into my tight and willing body, that lube is applied generously to prepare his cock, as it builds my excitement. Seeing his hand caress and smooth and slippery the wetness over the other the shaft and head, makes me instantly wet.

I instruct him to hold the heavy Dildo low, next to his own little penis, so how he can see how the large cock gets the manual attention. How it looks in comparison to his own and just inches away from my ready pussy. I watch his hand stroke it, jack it, imagine it swelling and engorging until he is eager and aroused for me. I see his hand pump the cock beside his own neglected penis and tell him when I believe the cock is ready for me. He knows I am referring to the one in his hand.

Always, I remind him, he has to start slow as my body needs the time to adjust. “Just use his head”. I know that as he pulls it out of me, my cum is beneath the helmet, my arousal clearly evident to him and it makes me want more, demand more. I love that moment when the sliding against my slit becomes actual penetration. When the gentle thrusting begins so that my body can adjust, accommodate to the size of the Dildo, as slowly the thrusting gets deeper and I am taking all of the inches he was built with.

There may be 1-3 partner changes, as each man-toy takes his turn with me. Depending on my mood, I may cum with one or all of them. But my excitement builds after each one has their turn and my need for more cock, for heavier cock, becomes a tangible quest for satiation and it’s easily obtained by having pre selected my next partner  who is already waiting beside the bed, in a beautifully perfect erect state of readiness. The only thing missing is the self lubrication needed to aide his penetration into my willing body.

As the size of cock increases, I demand the use of oral attention in conjunction with the penetration; my clitoris being teased and tongued as he keeps the shaft nicely wet, lapping and slurping noisily at my juices clinging to it. I let him know when it’s time for the big boy to take his turn, saying “He’s far too big to simply use spit. You’ll have to cum inside of me, to make it easier for him to fuck me. ”

As he scrambles to the side of the bed, pulling my knees to bring my ass to the edge, to stand between my thighs, I say “Hurry up, he’s very horny, he needs to cum inside me.” Indicating that I need and want to cum with him. And as he presses against me, I ask in a conversational or distracted voice, if he is inside of me yet. I demand that he “Just cum, so I can get a cock back inside of me” which ensures that he empties his balls immediately and completely. In my arousal, I don’t even feel when he leaves my body; the only evidence of his presence is the thick and heavy cum left slowly seeping from my body. “Hurry up and grab his cock, guide him into me before we waste your cum.”

This is when he I start to actually be fucked properly. I demand long, slow thrusting, where he pulls out that thick heavy shaft almost completely and then it’s ground forward until he is balls deep inside of my pussy. I want him to see how much I can take and how easy it is for my body to accept every wanted and willing inch. I watch his face as he watches my pussy get fucked by a cock covered in the seeping ejaculate, seeing it coat the shaft, cover his balls and cover his hand and fingers with it.

As with any cream, cum thickens and froths when you continue to beat it. It should never be left in its natural state when it can double in size and volume by being carefully tended to reach its actual potential. It’s impossible to not notice it cling to and cover the massive shaft of a dildo being used to piston inside my woman’s body to bring me the complete satisfaction of being taken by a cock of a substantial size.

I fuck it back with increasing excitement. My hips push up to greet his downward thrust and my excitement builds every time I see the white foamy shaft pull out of my body, thickening like whipping cream and dripping erotically with the cum used as lubrication, to ease the way for his substantial size. My body tightens and clamps down on the shaft, making it almost impossible to keep the thrusting motions consistent. It’s all he can do, to use the strength of his arm to push the thick cock forward. That’s when it comes to my mind, that  it would be so much easier, so perfectly natural, if it were the weight of a mans body forcing the cock inside of me, instead.

The idea makes me cum hard and with a feral veracity that would have milked the cock inside of me, immobilizing it as deeply inside of my body as it could reach. It’s natures way of ensuring that the generous spray of his cum would bathe my cervix with his fertile spunk to increase the chances of my body being impregnated by the seed of the man whose cock reach is the deepest and whose sperm is the closest. The bigger cock has the biological advantage.

There is absolutely no need to ask “If I came”. It’s obvious with the arched back, the gasping cries, the writhing body, fingers clutching and twisting the sheets, the impossible tightness of my pussy. It’s evident in my swollen lips and engorged labia, my rock hard nipples and the pool of combined cum, mine from orgasm and his as lubrication, beneath my ass. Being fucked by a thick, heavy cock ensures that a woman will cum, it’s just a matter of how soon and how hard.

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8 Responses to whipping cream

  1. JWo says:

    Once again… 😉

  2. Steve says:

    Wow… a simply amazing and very erotic description of the use of sex toys. Very hot!

    • rougedmount says:

      very glad that you enjoyed…i thought my lubrication specialist needed a follow up after your mention of it and i woke up this morning inspired by a sweet dear friend who i wrote this for…

  3. A very horny and compelling read. Your description makes me wonder if you ever use a mirror to watch your cunt being penetrated? An exFWB liked me to hold a mirror so she could enjoy rhe same view I had.
    I also can’t help feel sympathy for your partner. Not particularly because he has a small cock, but more because of the contempt that seems to accompany it. Does he actively enjoy his role?

  4. Dear rougedmount:

    ‘… the generous spray of his cum would bathe my cervix …’

    The ‘spray’ word reminds me of some internet correspondence I had with a woman years and years ago. Her best friend had a ‘stable’ of able men, and she sorely desired to experience the same. She seemed to like my writing and kept asking for more. I won’t swear by the biological accuracy of the following, but I wrote:

    As release nears, movement slows. His instincts urge pressure to seal his body against yours. The male organ becomes a conduit connecting his testes to your cervical opening. Low in his scrotum, orange-sized testes rise and clutch at him. As experience taught, he relaxes muscles to lengthen the coming sequence. For seconds that seem like eternity, his essence freely flows, flooding your cervical area. Muscles contract; his spasms begin. His testes fall and rise rhythmically. His body works perfectly. Erupting at your cervix, a massive ejaculate sprays and sprays and sprays and sprays and sprays again and again! And soaked with his seed, you find it all very, very good!

    This young wife replied …

    God, I’m getting shaky again. For some reason I love the way you talk. You talking about the spraying and spraying deep inside me, makes it so that I can almost feel it. I hate to say this but I have never felt ____ spray inside me. I think a big man would change all that. The thought just about gives me an orgasm right now. I had a man at work kiss me under the mistletoe last year. ____ was so jealous he went in looking for him. Fortunately, he had left for home and ____ calmed down. If he knew I was opening up like this to you, a complete stranger, God, I hate to think. But you have taken over my senses. God I am getting so out of control I can’t believe it.

    Right or not, my thinking is that ‘biological advantage’ drives this from first to last.

    Village Idiot

    PS: Tell me if I’m getting out of line with what I’m posting here…

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