fight your own battles

How many children need to violently die

By the fathers and brothers of their people

Before parents finally revolt in revulsion

How many parents have to bury children

Before a country proclaims its own war

Against brutal and uneducated savage men

Who take pride in killing their young

We can not fight the battles for people

Who haven’t decided the value of life

Is not yet worth fighting for themselves

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3 Responses to fight your own battles

  1. juliemontgommerynews says:

    It’s a the battle we all fight. We fight for ourselves.

  2. juliemontgommerynews says:

    When we cry

  3. Village Idiot says:

    Dear rougedmount:

    Someone said recently [within the past several years] that our culture is based on the worship of Thanatos, which is the worship of death. Whatever one makes of that, we could wish to nurturing life half as effectively as we take it.

    Village Idiot

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