clear as mud

Don’t make the mistake in thinking we have anything but a casual, sexual relationship

We don’t

You only have to look at your thick fingers or meaty, heavy cock to understand my desire

For you

I use your body as a convenience to satiate my lustful needs upon when I need to

My call

Your ability to kiss and lick and fuck is the single, cluster of reasons you are here

Right now

You are absolutely not wanted, totally unneeded in any other measure, real or otherwise

Except sex

This is not a therapy session and we are not dating nor have a deep emotional bonding

Shut up

Unless you are on your back, impossibly hard, servicing my penetrative carnal demands

Get out

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2 Responses to clear as mud

  1. Dawn D says:

    I get that this is your frame of mind. And understand that you want to let it out.
    I have a hard time with it though, because I have been made to feel so inconsequential for so long, I don’t wish it on anyone else. And reading this hurts.
    Which is why I guess I cannot have sex casually, I do need to have that connection 🙂
    Thank you for making me realise it that little bit more 🙂

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