when opportunity knocks

His kiss was deep and dangerous. It instantly aroused me with the calm, demanding surety. He was planted with his legs spread, as if for stability on the teak wood deck of a sail boat, as it catches the wind of an offshore breeze and is speeding over and through the swells with the wet slap of salty spray. His hands were in my hair, brushing it off my forehead, smoothing it back from my face, cupping the back of my head to pull me harder against his lips.

The press of his mouth parted my own wide as he guided me through the dancing touch of his passion, which in turn ignited my own. His tongue danced with mine, tracing, demanding entry, asking for me to reciprocate. I sucked on the long muscle in his mouth, using my oral skills on it, the suckling motion pulling a deep groan from him, as the erotic pulsing mimicked the oral pleasures he imagined I would give elsewhere on his body.

Zippers were pulled down, exposing cashmere covered breasts and a plaid construction shirt, so that bodies could press closer and more intimately. Wide and work rough hands cupped and kneaded, grabbed and pulled; constantly in motion, slowly discovering and building arousal. I could feel the tremor in his arms as he tensed, determined to be gentle even as his arousal built and our erotic kiss became a battle of wills and an expression of need.

He pulled me against him and the press of his erection through his jeans, bulged against the softness of my stomach. My gasp and exhalation taking and giving breathe from his mouth, making him growl and press my head closer; the rasp of his beard over the delicate skin of my face and swollen lips, excited me with the abrasive drag of skin over skin. It was erotic and made me bend my head backwards, exposing my neck to his gentle bites and the hard press of his mouth.

His hand ran down my side, across my hip, to pull me forward by my ass. As he stood grinding against me, arm across the small of my back, pressing me to him, his other hand found his way between my thighs and slid inside the band of my yoga pants. His primal, hissing growl when his thick fingers easily slipped over my smooth bare slit and into the saturated silken folds of my engorged sex, made me cry out against his mouth and he swallowed my cries, lapping at me as if his mouth and tongue were between my slippery thighs.

My weakened knees made it hard to stand upright without support and my hands had slid down his chest, to hold his jeans at the top, my thumbs to the outside and my fingers slipping inside and against his bare skin. I softly caressed my way inward from his sides to his hairy tummy and pulled a hand free. I unbuttoned his jeans slowly, so he was aware of every tug, and slowly pulled the leather of his belt apart, so that the anticipation of release was making him impatient and anticipatory in his lustful state. When I unzipped his pants and reached down inside the band of his boxers, his entire body went rigid when my hand encircled his cock; which he immediately thrust forward several times, into the smooth pressure of my hands.

I brought my other hand forward and delved it between his thighs so I could cup his balls; reaching back with my fingers to run them over the delicate skin behind the heavy sack. His guttural moan through clenched teeth encouraged me to start stroking his shaft in conjunction with my massaging of his scrotum. I looked up at him as I removed my hand to wetly lick my palm, so he could imagine my tongue elsewhere, and then gripped him again with a hand full of my own saliva.

The singular goal I had was to now make him cum as quickly as possible, since I had spent so long arousing him without any touch to his groin at all. I lifted my face to his, sloppily kissing his mouth, sucking on his tongue in the same rhythm I pumped his cock. I bit his lower lip as I pulled back, leaning my forehead against his chest as I looked down at his engorged phallus being steadily milked by my hands and I shortened my strokes and sped them up so that all the slippery friction was focused on the meaty head of his cock. I heard his hiss even as I felt the tightening of his cock flesh before he ground out that he was going to cum and I watched spurt after spurt of thick ropes of sperm throb from his body and drool over my hands into a frothy mess of salty cream.

I eased my manual pressure substantially, then gently squeezed from the base of his shaft upwards, to push the last of his juices out through his slit, in delightful pearls; gently and softly gliding cum slicked hands over his softening member, as I lifted my lips to kiss him, his breath still heavy in exhalation, after his exertion. His body still so sensitive and responsive to my touch, tempted me to push him further.

I dropped to my knees and slurped his cummy cock into my hot mouth, making him throw his head back and swear as he tensed instantly at being over stimulated, as I proceeded to lick and clean his member. I gently blew cold air across his wet cock before I stood up and kissed him once again, licking his lower lip, just as I had with his cock and whispered against his mouth that I expected him to return the favor, which brought his hands up and back into my hair as he pressed his lips harder against my own as his tongue delved inside me, tasting me.

I could feel the renewed interest pulse through his cock and as his tumescence started to harden once again against my stomach, it crossed my mind, that getting a renovation quote for a minor home repair job, was quite possibly the best decision my spouse had made all year.

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12 Responses to when opportunity knocks

  1. disconcerted72 says:

    My mouth is dry reading this!
    Was this real or a fantasy? Wow! hot for sure!

  2. JWo says:

    Oh wow… I’m thinking it was a bad idea for me to read this at work… I’ll just sit here for a few minutes… letting my pulse – and other things – get back to normal.

  3. overhis2knees says:

    Da-y-um HOT!

  4. Anonymous says:

    🙂 Nice one.

  5. Dawn D says:

    I’m glad I’m not at work 😉
    Wow! Talk about a nice fantasy! Or… was it reality? Fantasy is hot, but to think it could even be reality… argh!
    Thank you for this!

  6. Dear rougedmount:


    Village Idiot

  7. ismeisreallyme says:

    *sigh* oh. god. yes.

  8. Oh wow this is a hot story! Loved the rush of it, great descriptions, and the cleaning after his orgasm… oh my goodness.

  9. babyd21713 says:

    Oh my….good morning to me lol. Anyone have a cigarette?

    My dear lady, you are smoking HOT! Thank you..

  10. Dear Reader:

    ‘… the wet slap of salty spray.’

    Was anyone else not surprised when a trip to the seaside became a detour for the long muscle to dock in the harbor?

    Village Idiot

  11. Karen says:

    No wonder your husband can’t satisfy you. You have been reading too many dime store novels.
    Please get a divorce a find a man to satisfy your fantasies.

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