exercise grumpiness

i’ve upped the activity factor; i am sore, exhausted and cranky. the thing is i know it doesn’t get better. i followed the same routine faithfully 6 days a week for almost 2 years before a minor car accident that resulted in a long term nagging injury, prevented my exercising as I had become accustomed to. unfortunately, i am one of those people who require large amounts of exercise, just to maintain health and weight.

it’s been a long year and i’ve neglected myself. yes, i was healing, yes, i was limited in mobility, but to be honest, i could have been at least swimming. i used the hiatus as an impetus to focus on work. i was successful professionally but it came at the cost of my overall health. now that i am building my endurance back, i am not a happy camper. i ache, i hurt, i’m tired, i’m brain foggy.

there was not one day in the 2 years i worked out daily, that i did not resent going to the gym. there was never a moment of satisfaction at a milestone passed or a weight reduction. i hated every single minute of it. hated sweating, hated my straw like hair from the chlorine, hated spending money on lotions and hair products to try and hydrate my skin and hair from showering 3x a day.

callouses on my hands, blistered feet, a massive resurgence in the plantar fasciitis and bone spurs i have. i’m doing it. and i hate it

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15 Responses to exercise grumpiness

  1. overhis2knees says:

    Have you ever had your cortisol levels checked? That’s a hormone that goes into major overdrive with a lot of stress and affects metabolism dramatically.

    Needing to get back into a routine myself now, before I visit Master in 16 1/2 weeks and started tonight. All the best.

    • rougedmount says:

      i’ve been tested for everything and am healthy and fall within ‘normal’ ranges on everything. i’m just easily able to survive natural disaster and famine.

      • overhis2knees says:

        I wish I could swim every day because I need to take it easy on my joints, but getting to the Y in the winter is tough and costs more than I’d like. And they’re rehabbing the pool 😦

      • rougedmount says:

        do what you can, when you can…the point is you just do it…i am planning on a miserable 4 months but i NEED to get back on track and do it kick ass style.

  2. I hear you, sister….I am exactly the same. HATE exercise.

    • rougedmount says:

      technically i don’t ‘hate it’..i hate gyms..i’d rather walk 12 hrs in a european town or along a white sand beach and swim for hours in the ocean…ok..i kind of hate exercise.

  3. Ray says:

    Change the word “exercise” with “be more active.” Seems to work better for me. I love being active. Exercise sounds like a chore. Being more active is simply a healthy choice.

  4. dievca says:

    And I am proud of you for it. XO

  5. dragonfly918 says:

    Boy, you aren’t alone. It’s torturous and I loathe every second. I am a cat and have to be properly motivated to move by butt from the sunny spot. But I do it. I even pay for a trainer to keep me focused.

    He told me once that he used to go to the gym twice a day, and I asked him “Don’t you have anything else to do?” because I was truly curious as to WHY someone would torture themselves like that.

    He always looks into my eyes to see if the endorphins are coursing, even though I tell him exercise doesn’t do it, only sex does, and that he’s lucky I haven’t thrown up on him yet.

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