cuckold annoyance

As I rounded the bed from my dresser towards the closet, my spouse came into the room, talking to me about the plans of the day, and saw me bend forward, stretching naked and extended as I reached for the silken scarf I had thrown there earlier. He came up behind me, hands naturally grabbing at my hips, as he pushed his groin forward against the round cushion of my bare bottom; the soft rustle of his track pants sliding against my skin, an accompaniment to his grinding, thrusting actions.

I sighed and felt his warm hands slide over the cool skin of my buttocks, my hips, my lower back and spine as he erotically massaged me for a few minutes. It made my body respond to the touch and involuntarily made me push back against him to encourage the contact. I was deeply aware that as much as I was becoming aroused, that there was absolutely no evidence that could be felt that he was as inspired as I was.

I reached back and tugged at the waist band of his pants, easily pulling it down so I felt the coarseness of his hair against the silken skin of my round ass. I wriggled back against his groin and was met with profound disappointment. His lack of physical response was completely evident with his flaccid penis being so small that it could barely be seen, let alone felt.

I dropped my hand and laid there, now unmoving and non responsive. I thought about how horrible it felt to be sexually disappointed from his touching me and then not being able to physically consummate the arousal because of his inability to get an erection. I realized that he was still uselessly grinding against my ass and in annoyance told him he may as well let me up as we both know he wasn’t capable of satisfying me and what he was doing, was a waste of my time.

As I walked into the bathroom I said, “Standing up to fuck or to piss requires a man sized cock and control, that you just don’t have. Pull up your pants.” I assume he’ll try again next month, once I spend the night away from the house. He’ll manage to get hard enough then to do what he does best, which is cum on penetration. But when he does, I won’t care and it won’t matter, since I’ll have been sexually satiated the night before.

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11 Responses to cuckold annoyance

  1. Wet Bliss says:


  2. The title doesn’t match the predicament. You are annoyed by your husband, not his cheating on you or you cheating on him.

    Sadly, you waste time. Why are you in this relationship? Why is he?

  3. So, “An autistic child who has a need for stability came before” you rounding the bed from your dresser towards the closet?

  4. “You” being the protagonist.

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