sloppy seconds

He took my big toe into his mouth and started bobbing his head and sucking it; using his tongue to flick along the contours and drag over its shape in twisting motions while I plunged it deep behind his suctioning lips. His hands massaged my calf in such a manner as to mimic the stroking of a massive, thick and well formed cock. His hands rubbed from my knee and along the bulge of muscle, towards the taper of my ankle.

The lubrication of  coconut oil over clean, smooth legs made the shifting slide of his hands slither easily over warm skin, as they pushed upwards and around my heel until they encircled the arch of my foot. He twisted and pulled, stretching muscles and ligaments, his hot breath burning my toes as they cooled from the air over wet, exposed skin, as he hungrily moved his lips and tongue to my other digits.

He was spooned against my back, his head at my feet; my back of my legs stretched up his chest so that my feet were in his face. I could feel the wet trail of seeping seminal fluids being spread across my bottom from the tiny bump of his penis as he thrust uselessly against me in an attempt to push between my cheeks towards the heat of my swollen women’s flesh. Mission impossible defined, as I will always be too far from him to reach.

I reached forward to open the toy box and removed a thick, heavily veined, 8.5 inch jello dildo with full heavy balls. I placed it between my thighs, as if it was my own, so it rested between them, nestled in the warmth and fullness. I told him to get the oil and to lube my cock up for me, as I was ready to have a cock inside of heat of my sex.

I could feel his hands on the dildo, between my thighs. I could feel the oil melt and slicken over my flesh. I could feel its temperature change as it heated up against my skin and with the friction of his hands. I shifted so that my leg went over his shoulder so he could look down and see his cock beside the dildo in direct comparison. I felt him throb against the mound of my ass.

I told him to push it inside of me. I was wet and heavily oiled and still it took him several strokes before he could embed the entire length inside my tight slit due to the girth of the dildo. I responded immediately. My body arched, my stomach tightened, my nipples ached with unsuckled and untouched hardness. I sighed in appreciative and fulfilled delight.

As he began to fuck me with the heavy cock, I told him to pull it out until he could see its big mushroom head exposed, before thrusting it back inside of me. With every delicious stroke he pulled away from my body, he saw it covered thick with the cream of my juices as it dragged against his own erect little penis. He could see how easily I could take it all inside of me. He could feel how much tension started to crush the dildo as he pushed it forward, as I started to tighten impossibly with my arousal.

I could feel the thrust of his little penis, desperately trying to gain access alongside the well endowed cock flesh inside me and I had to whisper to him in a ragged voice that it wasn’t his turn yet. He wasn’t allowed access to my well fucked pussy until the big cock shot his load of cum inside of me. It wasn’t his turn; he could have the sloppy seconds once I was properly fucked.

I hooked my ankle against the back of his head, bringing his face closer to my pussy and demanded that he suck my clit while I have a big cock buried inside of me. Demanded that he keep his mouth on me and lick all the sweet juices that the cock head was dragging out from deep inside my well fucked cunt. He pushed his face harder into my wetness while pounding the thick dildo deep inside of me.

I bucked against his face, grinding myself onto his tongue. I warned him that if he kept licking me like that, it was going to make the dildo blow its load in me. I warned him that his mouth was exciting us too much and we were going to cum and I expected him to lick up all the cum. He noisily tried to lick the slick wetness covering his face. Lick the cum. Suck my clit. Don’t stop…don’t stop. Gritting my teeth I told him to taste it, to take it, I was cumming.

My taunt body seized the cock meat, clutching it in spasms of rhythmic contractions until I melted in sensual release back into awareness. Once he felt the change, he jumped back and off the bed, grabbing my ankles and dragging me across the width of the bed. He hooked my knees and pulled me forward until my ass hung slightly off the edge of the bed and into the only real position he could enter me in.

He pushed forward and his little penis disappeared in a single quarter thrust, so that his balls were bathed in the cream of my orgasm and on his friction-less withdrawal, I asked if he had entered me yet. He started cumming immediately as he ground forward and against my puffy and saturated split peach. He came hard and emptied himself totally knowing that his place will always be as a comfortable second. A sloppy second at that.

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13 Responses to sloppy seconds

  1. FUCK
    Oh how I’d love to lick a cunt whilst fucking it with a dildo.
    That had me sooooo hard!

  2. Larry Archer says:

    Nice, That is so fucking hot. Could I get in line for thirds?

  3. aaroncauser says:

    An amazing read 🙂

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  5. Chris says:

    I don’t know how I missed this until today. However, having stumbled upon now, I’m determined not to pick myself up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. It has been quite a while since reading something during a break from a stressful work day caused my own little penis to rise and harden beyond my control, right in the office, seated at a desk full of papers. Exceptional story.

    • rougedmount says:

      … i am glad you have the opportunity to bask in the glow of words… there are many undiscovered gems in the chronicles of my blog you may also enjoy…

      • Chris says:

        For more than a year now, I’ve been fondling your blog while you’ve slept. There are indeed many treasures. This was one indeed. I’ll continue to explore your body, body of words, body of thought.

      • rougedmount says:

        and that dear man brought a lovely smile to my lips…thank you for reading…and for being a constant…it’s hard to judge your relevance to others at times when people don’t click the ‘like’ button…you have no idea if people do or don’t like or have interest in your words…so I do appreciate when someone takes the time to comment …and i MEAN comment and not bash … I am more than aware my blog is not for everyone…and that is fine as so many people write on such a wide variety of topics. I DO believe in reading things you find difficult to get through as when triggers happen they help you work through your own issues. So many people find difficulty with that. They want to attack. I can truly respect their opinion but at the same time, I can’t condone people making judgement on others without knowing their personal situation..which is always much more complex than what we write about.
        I am pleased you find pleasure in my body of work.

      • Chris says:

        Your blog is part of your journey, and you offer to bring us along, total strangers. Those who become admirers, as I am, will give you some measure of comfort on that journey, as your words give me comfort. I regret that some may find joy in making your journey more difficult or to try to rob you of some measure of joy. They’ve completely missed the point, not of your blog, but of life.

        Hold close and save your best stories for those who fill you, who make you forget that there is a feeling called “empty” or any way to be other than sufficiently filled.

      • rougedmount says:

        your kindness is like sinking slowly into a warm bath..thank you for that..

  6. Chris says:

    Unlike this man spooned against your back at the beginning of this post, unable to reach you because his small member is insufficient for the important task and modest distance, my own penis, which is certain to be far smaller than his, is no barrier or obstacle to touching deeply. What I lack in penis size, I make up for with eagerness in abundance, highly disciplined.

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