parenting 101

my role is to help you become a better person

it is to protect you and to control you

it is to keep you from dangerous situations

and to provide for your basic needs and care

i am giving you your life direction

i am providing instant correction

i am showing you what leadership is

don’t confuse what i do with nagging

or being an overbearing, abusive bully

this is not about personal restriction

this is a way of life you have to understand

simple hierarchy of familial pecking order

events once over and lessons once learned

mean we move on from it wiser from the experience

you learn respect by being exposed to clear order

i am your mother and while i love you i will not compromise

not when it comes to teaching you how to behave

i do not ask twice because it’s your job to listen to me

you will learn to communicate and you will be better for it

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4 Responses to parenting 101

  1. marcus says:

    Truth in all forms of life. Survival 101
    My three dogs fear me because I am the alpha. They love me because I protect them. I love them because it’s my duty.
    Love your strength cara’Mel (((awhoooo)))

    • rougedmount says:

      when everyone knows and understands their place it provides a stable platform to grow from and into your rightful position. challenge me pup and be prepared to be placed onto your back. if you can’t live with it, time to move along and start your own pack. (warning growl, teeth showing, slow lick of the nose)

  2. It is beautiful and true what you write. Thanks very much. I love it.

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