it matters

it matters more than you think it does

women are afraid to state their preference

because our vagina’s are designed for diversity

the average adult vagina is 3-4 inches long

when it is un-aroused, un-lubricated, un-inspired

3 to 4 inches long in our natural and flaccid state

we elongate to beautifully expand our pleated folds

to comfortably accommodate both girth and length

of the erect and aroused phallus looking to penetrate us

our depth can vary between women to take 8 to 12 inches

before our cervix would be bruised from his thrusting

we can shorten our depth depending on sexual position

we can make a tighter fit with strong pelvic floor muscles

even though childbirth will alter things forever to different

we are built to comfortably encase a well endowed man

when we are excited and aroused ourselves

the more excited we get, the bigger the man we can take

yet even a flaccid vagina can accept the barely felt intrusion

of a man who can’t even fill you when bored and uninterested

the ache of un-fulfillment throbs with your uterine contractions

as you orgasm and are still left wanting something deeper

something wider to allow your body to respond as it was meant to

letting your vagina hold onto the thick pulsing cock in a death grip

of pleasured milking sensations and suctioning wanted intrusions

instead of having the tactile sensation of internal pressure devoid

from your partners lack of endowment when you are aroused

it matters more than most women will admit

for fear of hurting feelings or making size a priority

especially if you know exactly what you are missing

when you decide to settle for a small cock sexual experience

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8 Responses to it matters

  1. aaroncauser says:

    Love this … honest and powerful!

  2. Eccentric Art Model says:

    Second this!

  3. finnandjake87 says:

    lol XD

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