selling myself

I am not a novice and I know how an affair works in terms of discretion, limitations and boundaries. I want to find something very specific and in turn, I am looking for someone who is searching for the same. I do not ascribe to the practice of multiple, short term partners. I do not intend on starting an affair with someone unless I am as positive as I can be, that what will develop between us, is something that has the potential to develop into something lasting longer than a simple fling.

We may  only be able to share momentary encounters or be fortunate enough to able to spend hours together. Yet every time we are together and reconnect with kiss, it will be real, intimate and enduring. It will be both soft and passionate; we shall forget everything including who and where we are. I want to inspire your longing with my lips and tongue. I will expose my neck, and eventually my heart, to you in abandon and anticipation.

I want to be a lover.

I want to fall in love ‘just enough’. I don’t want to upset our worlds outside of what we create between us, but I do want it to leave a lovely little mark in the history book of our lives that will remind us that what we had was once very real and worth remembering.

I am well into the middle years of my life; intelligent, confident, attractive and self aware. I am witty, irreverent and have a great sense of humour. I have a limited number of true friends that I treasure. I am a social introvert and under the right circumstances, I have a surprising edge. I am experienced and real. I have no agenda or hidden side to my story. I am simply missing passion and intimacy in my life.

I have no personal connection to a male partner and I am all too aware that life is too short to live like this. Part of my soul that is beautiful and erotic has been left alone, neglected, lying fallow for so long that it feels like part of who I am has died inside, withered away to nothing. My spouse is not a bad man; he is incapable of being the lover I want, need and deserve. He doesn’t touch me with passion or desire. He refuses to communicate. He is a stable parent and that was all that mattered while raising a family. Now I need more.

I am educated and can carry on a conversation with all manner of people. I have traveled but more importantly, have explored deep inside my self and know my soul. I am a kind and generous woman. I am an experienced lover who will ensure my attention toward you will be authoritatively commanding and yet I will expect the same level of reciprocity from you. I do not consume for the sake of consumption. I take what I am given and build it into something better, including the men I am in relationships with.

I want to be adored and worshiped the goddess you’ve lusted after your entire adult life. I want my sensual self sprawled before you in all its naked glory. I will not be bold in my desire until we are alone and I trust you. I shall always be forthright in my intentions and expectations and will use sexual innuendo to inspire your lust for me. I can be a friend if you allow it and shall surpass all expectations when it comes to being a lover who is completely attuned to your needs and desires.

I am warm, intense, gracious and embracing. I excel at the art of seduction. I will always make you a priority and trust the limited relationship we build together. I have flexibility in my domestic life and my work responsibilities allow for much freedom as well. It takes a commitment to fall in love with each other enough to maintain separate lives. I’m  serious about this endeavour and expect the same from you. I’m worth it, though it won’t be easy for you to get inside of my mind. You have to prove you can handle and accept me before I’ll give you my trust.

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9 Responses to selling myself

  1. disconcerted72 says:

    I think understanding your own needs and wants is a matter than many people fail to realize when looking for a meaningful relationship. For you, it seems like you are quite aware of your needs and wants, which makes this aspect a solid understanding for you, huh?

    Well, I hope your search is successful. 🙂

  2. Marty says:

    That’s quite a cv

  3. georgiakevin says:

    I have an idea that you are a special lady who will make some guy lucky indeed.

  4. Pua Nani says:

    What happened to your last affair partner, the rich guy?

  5. flywithshaunak says:

    Exceptional writing and clarity of thought & desires, of course 😉

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