Image deprivation

I imagine you

Feeling the hot sun touch my skin

Warming me

Forcing me to close my eyes as I lift my face

And breathe in the dry air as it swirls around me

I imagine you

As I bundle up

Against the cold and bitter winds

Draped in cashmere and heavy furs

Trapped in a delicious heated cocoon

Against the elements

I imagine you

As I stand naked under the water

As the heat of it sluices over the curve of  my breasts

To drop from hardened nipples

And down the suppleness of my body

Leaving raised flesh slippery and clean

I imagine you

With the glistening sweat of passion

Shinning across the breadth of your chest

Defining the muscles of your arms and neck

As you hover over me as I am impaled

I imagine you

In every sensual thought

That dances over my skin and across my mind

When desire and lust wrack my sensitive body

As deprivation turns to masturbation for release

And I imagine you

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4 Responses to Image deprivation

  1. disconcerted72 says:

    The words you write are always so enticing, so warm, so exciting…

  2. Wet Bliss says:


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