peripheral awareness

at times i wonder about the men hovering in the periphery of my life

men who want to be there and who continue to contact me

men who have expired their opportunities to be with me or stay with me

and yet who continue to make their periodic presence known in my life

i wonder why they choose to maintain a tenuous personal connection

unless it’s the ingrained hope for potential future sexual gratification

men simply don’t have any reason to stay friends with a woman

unless they feel a sexual awareness about her that keeps her in their minds

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6 Responses to peripheral awareness

  1. rosewyn says:

    You are so right!!

  2. Rincewind says:

    Hmmm for me not true. Yes of course sex is always in the back of my mind, can never deny that but considering most of my friends are girls and I tend to have the best discussions with about life and everything. I’ll have to disagree here. All my exes are still my best friends and no sexual consideration, I still love them but as friends and friends alone. I think they know I have no sexual agenda anymore which makes it so great. Take a chance, sometimes we guys do think with our brain and not our crotch (seldom but it does happen 😉 )

  3. Agree with Rincewind. I too have plenty of female friends (though these days most of my friends are couples). I won’t deny I’ve thought about many of them sexually, but that doesn’t mean I’m still friends with them because I want to fuck them nor that I think staying friends with them means there will ever be any chance of fucking them. Why would I want to spoil a friendship with sex?
    It saddens me when I hear men regarded so poorly. There may be some for whom it is true, but one bad apple doesn’t need to taint a barrel.

    • rougedmount says:

      i’m not condemning a species…merely observing that men who have wanted to be with me sexually in the past want to continue to be so with me sexually in my present…even after a passage of time.

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