rant: unreasonable anger

you know you’re angry when you type like you’re trying to drive the keys through the back of the keyboard and consider the fact that you may break the stupid computer worth the price of venting your frustrations.


funny word.

it doesn’t quite capture the real flavor of my attitude right now. i am in a: pissy ugly evil snarky mean vicious foul ignorant hateful mood

can it even be considered a mood when it’s been going on well over a week? let’s call it 10 days for the sake of assigning a number to it.

everybody and everything is pissing me off. look at me and i am set off. talk to me and i’ll lose my fucking mind. i am SO angry all the time. i have no patience or tolerance left for stupid people and the moment someone fucks up something simple or says something idiotic i act like i could kill them and throw their body in a wood chipper to make chum for bailing sharks.


i have no tolerance for people who have no function or purpose and who fail to negotiate the basic tenants of their simplistic lives when i have to juggle shards of glass and chainsaws on a moment to moment basis.


i’ve said the word a hundred times this week and have meant it. oh i’ve meant it like pulling a trigger means it and throwing a punch means it. i want to ram the word far enough down someones throat that they choke on it.


the mysterious ‘they’. they are actually everyone who’s stupid. the stupid who are those people who are lazy and don’t check their work or their facts before speaking or presenting them. they are uneducated and judgmental. people who don’t accept responsibility for their own actions and want to blame everyone and everything other than the people actually responsible.


i’m utterly exhausted from the effort of biting my tongue, keeping my mouth shut, of listening to excuses and giving morons merit by not calling a resounding BULLSHIT!!! to the nonsense being spewed from superficial vapid people i don’t respect, like and in some cases, don’t actually even know.

i’m reasonably angry, have every cause to be mad. i’m over tired, overworked, undersexed, lacking exercise. it’s dark 20 hours a day and grey the other 4. it’s too cold for normal life and everything sucks. i’m finishing my cocktail, popping a tylenol ,then i am going to bed. fuck you, fuck them, fuck it and fuck off.

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7 Responses to rant: unreasonable anger

  1. Mr. Gardener says:

    Fuck that. Get some sleep dear 😉

  2. ramblingg0at says:

    Wow! I hope you wake up tomorrow and see some positives in the world 🙂 Life is what you make it and it sounds like you’re spending your days focusing on only the negatives. Its too draining to live like that, let it go.

    Stop focusing on how stupid other people can be and focus on YOU and the person you are.

    Maybe you need a holiday? 🙂

  3. Ned's Blog says:

    Embrace who you are and leave everyone else to their igonorance and envy. That is the best response to incompetence in most situations, from work to the bedroom.

  4. Fuck it all and everyone. Cheers.

  5. Wait, not to be pedant, but I think you might have missed a group or two in your rant. Understanding that you’re having a bad day I’ll cut you some slack and not report you to the Federal Beureau of Rants this time. That said, I must warn you that should you continue to fail to mention all the concerned groups as a matter of inclusion I will have to report you under statute 211.17.1.b – Failure to offend all the interested parties in an equal manner {…}

    If you believe you are qualified for federal assistance Please call the FBR hotline at 800-382-5968

    If you believe you are qualified for state assistance Please call your local BR state branch. Contact Details can be found at http://FBR.faque.com

    Constable of rants
    Metro area
    Cons. Hugh J. Dick

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