winters death

i listen to the wind howl and slam itself

shaking the cold black panes of glass

every shuttering ,shivering, slicing gust

violentely beating away at my veiled humanity

flailing skin is torn from ripped raw flesh

leaving the pulpy mass of quivering muscle

bloodied and dripping subcutaneous fat

as pain becomes my world and existence

inhuman voice raised in perfect torment

smashing disenchanted souls to slivered shards

piercing everyone in explosive rage and sorrow

as seeping curdled liquids clot and pool beneath me

the remains of my charred and blackened heart

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6 Responses to winters death

  1. marcus says:

    Awh-Awh-Awhooooooo HATFM

  2. You’re not a fan of horror moveis, by any chance, are you?

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