surprising statistics

It still surprises me when I remember to read the statistics from my page and see that people choose to take time from their lives, to read words I’ve written. Not that I don’t think I have a perspective to share, but that the interest in those words continues to accumulate.

My 3 dimensional voice is tempered by my need to express myself in a 2 dimensional world through writing. I am exceptionally expressive in ‘real life’. Emotions and feelings run riot across my face and body allowing me to be silent and still be understood. The timber and tone I use, my voice itself, is a sultry combination of controlled calm and tempting reservation.

No one is reading what I write because of how I look in comparison to others. No one is enraptured by the sound of my voice are making assumptions about me or my nature, simply from how I speak. In this online world, people see the version of me beneath the superficial things that have created the type of woman I am perceived to be.

To be fair, I allow it. I rarely let people inside of my life to dissuade them of their perceptions about me. It’s convenient and it allows a barrier between who I am for myself and who I am for the world. To those who know me, the real me, this blog is exactly how I represent myself, not to the world at large, but a few select and trusted souls.

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One Response to surprising statistics

  1. Marian Green says:

    I feel the same way when I look at the numbers. It’s humbling.

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