circumstance and circumference

its amusing to me how you view yourself

you are not the man you were 15 years ago

you assume that by virtue of a big cock

you will be able to choose any woman

and they will fall at your feet in admiration

lining up to become your next relationship

you are not even close to being a good lover

truth be told, you aren’t even barely adequate

you are lazy and inconsequential in bed

because you have made the colossal mistake

that the impressive size of your thick cock meat

meant you didn’t have to actively participate

you don’t reciprocate female sexual attention

you expect to have cock worship and be served

that type of partner disregard is only accepted

by very young women who have not learned

that your big cock size matches your ego

and it’s not enough to waste time on you

you are good for a one time fuck, my friend

women will try your size out of curiosity

but none will want to build a relationship

or want to stay with your for long term

because the huge cock size can’t compensate

in all the other areas you are completely lacking

you are well past the prime of your masculine life

you make a meagre income and have no savings

you own nothing but an 8 year old, beat up car

you are just about to embark on starting over

renting a condo with furniture from your childhood

after a history of cheating throughout your marriage

and somehow you think that by virtue of a big cock

women in the prime of scented fertility and promise

women flowing in the cream of their potential crops

will line up for a chance to bed you or wed you

and be content that all you have to give them

is the lazy sexual experience of a well endowed man

you have wasted the gift of cock size that you were given

you earned nothing in your life, learned nothing

simple genetics left you blessed in girth and length

and you assumed it was enough to make you cock proud

when the reality of your circumstance is measured against it

you my friend, are found extremely lacking and are very small

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3 Responses to circumstance and circumference

  1. Wet Bliss says:

    Yes! Verbal castration and emasculation. 🙂

  2. dragonfly918 says:

    Hehe. Sad but true for many, I have experienced.

  3. juliemontgommerynews says:

    How funny this writing you make. My husband had a nice cock and I do miss it every day. I miss even his carelessness; how he would use me. BUt sometimes we’d go all night. He really would ‘take’me, my thighs up in the air he’d grind me so hard, I’d come 3 times to his once. I think it was because he loved me that we made love so much. I know how he was with others; not that bothered; but when his huge cock came near my nest and pushed me in; I’d fly to another world. Now he is somewhere else; and I can tell you; I do miss his huge cock.

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