defining love

Reciprocated love is a defining point in time that can be found or re-visited by the people who are connected through it. It exists as an event, appearing as a mutual action instead of a fleeting emotion. Pain, anger, hurt, fear…are all fleeting and do not last; but love does. Distance does not change it and neither does time passed. Death can sever it; end the action of the word, but it does not dissipate or fragment actual love between two people. You can love an unborn child, without ever knowing them. You can continue to love a parent, a partner or a friend, even if you lose them in your daily presence through their untimely passing from this preciously short life we have.

Love is a permanent and binding connection that will never alter, fail, fade or end. Love is the rarest and most beautiful of things that we can never quantify, touch or taste. You have to trust it, trust that it’s real and have faith that the feeling is simply an awareness of an everlasting and infinite connection between two people who will always be able to find each other through time and past eventual death. Love is the only thing that actually matters and until we can figure that out for ourselves, life will seem shallow, empty and pointless.

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2 Responses to defining love

  1. dievca says:

    Sometimes Love can twist and change to become something else, only because it is so desirable you and it is hard to let it go when it morphs. If you can let it go there is still the memory of the original Love that is sustained.

  2. oceanswater says:

    I agree with you 100%! Love is what life is trying to teach us in very simple terms. When we ever as a people learn that?

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