bountiful breast

perfectly round and delightfully soft, the pale white skin of my breast stood in contrast to the dark sheets behind it. bright mid morning light, diffused by the sheer gauze of a lightly textured curtain lent a golden aura to my creamy skin. my distended nipple, tight and hard, rose majestically over the ripeness of my full breast, from a textured and puckered plain at the base and cresting in the magnificent pink pearl summit.

i ached for lips to suckle suckle me. for a wet and greedy mouth to latch upon the tight engorgement and draw the entire nipple and areola deep into the recess of their throat. i wanted the steady rhythmic pull to begin and lessen the ache of my breast as its needs and mine, were serviced. i imagined a tongue laving my turgid peak, leaving a trail of saliva across my temperature sensitive skin. gentle nipping of straight white teeth creating gasps of pain to compare to the pleasure of lips and tongue.

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3 Responses to bountiful breast

  1. Keith says:

    Now all we need is the picture…

  2. georgiakevin says:

    Wow! Talk about a vivid image. Your poem addresses the sense of sight, touch, taste even smell and as I think about it also addresses hearing. By golly you have reached all 5 of your readers’s senses giving us a real treat!

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